Jerrika in the Wild

Jerrika in the Wild

9 Episodes

This unique television experience will provide entertainment for the entire family. Covering the chaotic life of Jerrika, there are elements that appeal to any viewer covering everyday life in-between some breathtaking hunting and outdoor adventures all while parenting 6 kids, advocating for local communities through charity events, running a medical clinic and whatever else Jerrika tackles in her
chaotic day to day rollercoaster of a life.

Every episode aims to touch on a new adventure, with special focus on not only the harvest but the full processing and use of the harvests with special guests from various hunting backgrounds. Learn traditional techniques and the utilization of modern tools in an entertaining ride known as “Jerrika in the Wild”.

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Jerrika in the Wild
  • Organized Chaos

    Episode 1

    Jerrika is excited to kick off her premier episode providing an inside look at her life, her family, her passions and the chaos that ensues as her worlds collide.

  • Pressure Cooker

    Episode 2

    Jerrika travels to Alberta to finally meet James Willier. James is a popular TikToker and chef known for his adventures in wild game cooking, hunting, mushing and foraging!

  • Family First

    Episode 3

    Jerrika and her family travel to beautiful Kingston, Ontario to hunt bucks with RockRidge Outfitters. The family get an unexpected adventure that takes them kilometers into the Frontenac Axis.

  • Lucky Duck

    Episode 4

    Jerrika and her friend Chris travel to Nova Scotia to hunt ducks. They meet up with Tom of Flight Cancelled, and Rob, a Nova Scotia native, and test their luck with the Atlantic Ocean at their feet.

  • I'm Trapped

    Episode 5

    It's back to school time! In this episode Jerrika gets her trappers license. Along the way she learns all there is to know from her teacher and longtime trapper Bill Davis.

  • Barely Made It

    Episode 6

    This week Jerrika travels to Grundy Lake Ontario for a bear hunt with Jaimie Trudeau-Lalonde who is a part of The Canadian Sportswoman Society. Jerrika also teaches her niece how to preserve meat.

  • Join the Club

    Episode 7

    Jerrika travels to the Kitchener, Ontario area to do some waterfowl hunting with Karl from Club 41 waterfowl. Her 5 year old son Royce tags along to experience his first hunt and build memories.

  • Thunder Run

    Episode 8

    Jerrika hunts for turkey in her own region with friend and hunting guide Colton Vriesacker from Passion for the Pursuit Guide Services.

  • Catching Up

    Episode 9

    Jerrika invites two of her friends to hunt pheasant at Exeter Game Farm located in Southern Ontario.