Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Jason Mitchell Outdoors

2 Seasons

Simply an obsession for freshwater fishing. Industry leader in detailed ice fishing and multi-species fishing intel. Information-packed episodes highlighting open water and ice fishing tactics from across the Midwest. Explore some of the most effective tactics, presentations and locations on the fishing scene right now.

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Jason Mitchell Outdoors
  • Big Crappie on Soft Plastics

    Episode 1

    Big crappie patterns in the Glacial Lakes Region of eastern South Dakota. Details on how to use big soft plastic profiles to target big crappie.

  • Redemption on Lake Winnipeg

    Episode 2

    One of our favorite places to film each winter. Lake Winnipeg is one of the best winter ice fisheries on the planet for walleyes and big walleyes. Home of the Greenbacks!

  • High Mountain Trout

    Episode 3

    Ice fishing high-mountain trout in western Montana. Join up with Jim Kalkofen to share how-to basics for catching trout through the ice. Break down of best locations and how to find winter trout. Gear descriptions for picking the best rods, lures, tackle and line.

  • Early Ice Crappie

    Episode 4

    Early Ice fishing crappie with the Silkie in Minnesota.

  • Cascade Lake Jumbo Perch

    Episode 5

    A return to Cascade Lake, Idaho. Cascade has emerged as one of North America's top winter perch fisheries. A beautiful and scenic lake surrounded by mountains; this lake routinely produces perch over two pounds.

  • Iowa Bluegills

    Episode 6

    Big bluegill are one of ice fishing's greatest prizes. We showcase an incredibly educational sight fishing opportunity that routinely produces top end bluegill. We highlight the challenges of catching big fish in shallow, clear water and detail many of the nuances for sight fishing. Ultra-fine...

  • Winnipeg Walleye

    Episode 7

    Perhaps the very best big walleye destination in the world for ice anglers. Lake Winnipeg routinely produces walleye well over twelve pounds each winter. Jason Mitchell joins Donovan Pearase of Blackwater Cats Outfitters in mid January to showcase the trophy walleye potential. Bone crushing hi...

  • Fort Peck Walleye

    Episode 8

    Jason Mitchell joins Ice Team Pro, Mike Howe, on Fort Peck Reservoir in eastern Montana to ice fish this incredible lake trout fishery. Perhaps one of the hottest lake trout fisheries right now in the United States. Fort Peck is producing crazy numbers of quality lake trout.

  • South Dakota Jumbo Perch

    Episode 9

    Ice fishing for perch in South Dakota Glacial Lakes. Jason Mitchell joins ice fishing guide Jarrod Fredericks to explore some shallow, flooded timber patterns for catching big perch through the ice!

  • Devils Lake Walleye

    Episode 10

    Ice fishing aggressive walleye in shallow water at late ice on Devils Lake, North Dakota. Jason Mitchell joins Zach Schemionek to showcase this opportunity.

  • Whitefish on Green Bay

    Episode 11

    Ice fishing on Green Bay out of Door County for fast paced whitefish action. Incredible ice fishing opportunity for catching a lot of hard fighting fish that are excellent on the table.

  • Get Crappie to Take Bait

    Episode 99

    Get crappie to take bait.

  • Gear for Crappie and How to Work it

    Episode 98

    Gear for crappie and how to work it.

  • Minnow Profile for Big Crappie

    Episode 97

    Minnow profile for big crappie.

  • Late Season Crappie

    Episode 12

    Ice fishing for crappie in a couple feet of water at late ice. Jason Mitchell joins Kevan Paul on Clear Lake, Iowa to showcase a fun ice fishing opportunity in shallow water.

  • Milwaukee Brown Trout

    Episode 13

    Ice fishing for giant brown trout in the Milwaukee Harbor with guide Eric Haataja. We share the strategies and presentation for this awesome opportunity that put some of the biggest brown trout on the ice.

  • How to Find Panfish on Early Ice

    Episode 95

    Tip: How to Find Panfish on Early Ice

  • Snell Knot Demo to Keep Your Jig Horizontal

    Episode 94

    Tip: Snell Knot Demo to Keep Your Jig Horizontal

  • The Best Panfish Setup

    Episode 93

    Tip: The Best Panfish Setup