In-Depth Outdoors

In-Depth Outdoors

2 Seasons

James Holst and the In-Depth Outdoors fishing team take viewers to top destinations in the U.S. and Canada for trophy-sized walleye, bass, trout, salmon, pike, muskie, and more!

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In-Depth Outdoors
  • First Ice Walleye Fishing

    Episode 4

    James Holst and PJ Vick fish early ice in northern Wisconsin for big walleyes. They targeted a transition area from deep water to a weedy bay using I fish Pro's and VMC Rattle spoons.

  • Backwater Crappie Fishing

    Episode 5

    James Holst and PJ Vick head to North Dakota to target crappies on the backwaters of the Missouri River.

  • First Ice on Mille Lacs

    Episode 7

    Pat McSharry and Brad Hawthorne explore early ice on Mille Lacs targeting first break walleyes using jigging spoons and I Fish Pros!

  • Mississippi River Perch

    Episode 9

    James Holst and PJ Vick fish the Mississippi River Pool 8 for jumbo perch with Ryan Bettinger.