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  • Lures and Bait for Kokanee

    Tip: Lures and Bait for Kokanee

  • How to Use Cameras to Direct Rod Motions

    Tip: How to Use Cameras to Direct Rod Motions

  • How to Catch Giant Pike Through the Ice

    Ryan Kohler, Zach Brown, and Gunther Tondelier head to a mystery lake in Alberta where Zack gives some excellent ice fishing tips. You can purchase all the equipment at Watch as Zack assists Gunther and Ryan to reel in some of the largest pike they have caught to date. Fan ...

  • Setting Up Your Graph for Deep Water Ice Fishing

    Tip: Setting Up Your Graph for Deep Water Ice Fishing

  • Zack Brown's Giant-Ass Pike

    Zack and Larry go ice fishing for pike in Southern Alberta.

  • Big Crappie on Soft Plastics

    Big crappie patterns in the Glacial Lakes Region of eastern South Dakota. Details on how to use big soft plastic profiles to target big crappie.

  • Dog Sled Panfish

    We head to the beautiful area of Ely, Minnesota. Known for being on the boundary waters between Minnesota and Canada. We join up with the guys from Cast Outdoor Adventures and take a dog sled ride into some wilderness lakes in search of panfish.

  • Gear for Deep Depth Trout in Hard Water

    Tip: Gear for Deep Depth Trout in Hard Water

  • Gear to Use for Slower Biting Trout

    Tip: Gear to Use for Slower Biting Trout

  • First Ice on Mille Lacs

    Pat McSharry and Brad Hawthorne explore early ice on Mille Lacs targeting first break walleyes using jigging spoons and I Fish Pros!

  • The Persistent Laker

    The Persistent Laker

  • Milwaukee Brown Trout

    Ice fishing for giant brown trout in the Milwaukee Harbor with guide Eric Haataja. We share the strategies and presentation for this awesome opportunity that put some of the biggest brown trout on the ice.

  • Mississippi River Perch

    James Holst and PJ Vick fish the Mississippi River Pool 8 for jumbo perch with Ryan Bettinger.

  • Late Season Crappie

    Ice fishing for crappie in a couple feet of water at late ice. Jason Mitchell joins Kevan Paul on Clear Lake, Iowa to showcase a fun ice fishing opportunity in shallow water.

  • Youth Pike Ice Fishing

    Youth Pike Ice Fishing

  • Backwater Crappie Fishing

    James Holst and PJ Vick head to North Dakota to target crappies on the backwaters of the Missouri River.

  • Whitefish on Green Bay

    Ice fishing on Green Bay out of Door County for fast paced whitefish action. Incredible ice fishing opportunity for catching a lot of hard fighting fish that are excellent on the table.

  • Giants of the Deep

    James Holst and PJ Vick fish near the Mackinaw Bridge in the U.P of Michigan for giant lake trout in deep water.

  • South Dakota Jumbo Perch

    Ice fishing for perch in South Dakota Glacial Lakes. Jason Mitchell joins ice fishing guide Jarrod Fredericks to explore some shallow, flooded timber patterns for catching big perch through the ice!

  • Ice Fishing Wisconsin for Shallow Water Walleyes

    James Holst and PJ Vick head to southern Wisconsin targeting walleyes in super shallow water.

  • Fort Peck Walleye

    Jason Mitchell joins Ice Team Pro, Mike Howe, on Fort Peck Reservoir in eastern Montana to ice fish this incredible lake trout fishery. Perhaps one of the hottest lake trout fisheries right now in the United States. Fort Peck is producing crazy numbers of quality lake trout.

  • Perch Addiction LIVE

    Join us LIVE attempting to catch monster perch and other species on the hard water. Join us on all of the Wild TV social platforms to ask questions and interact with the hosts!

  • Wind Storm Walleyes in South Dakota

    James Holst and Pat McSharry head to Webster, South Dakota in search of mid-winter walleyes targeting off shore structure.

  • Winnipeg Walleye

    Perhaps the very best big walleye destination in the world for ice anglers. Lake Winnipeg routinely produces walleye well over twelve pounds each winter. Jason Mitchell joins Donovan Pearase of Blackwater Cats Outfitters in mid January to showcase the trophy walleye potential. Bone crushing hi...