Hunting with HECS

Hunting with HECS

5 Seasons

Join host Mike Slinkard and the Hunting with HECS crew as they travel the world in search of the most exciting hunting adventures. HECS technology is one of the most exciting new developments in hunting concealment and Hunting with HECS shows it in action!

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Hunting with HECS
  • Thrilling January Predator Hunts

    Episode 1

    This week we head to Oregon to join up with master predator caller, Jim Walker. Jim regularly takes over a hundred coyotes each season and he uses Hecs technology to get them in close!

  • Close Quarter Predators and Archery Turkey Hunts

    Episode 2

    Proximity alert! Amazingly close predator hunting with a hand gun and mind-blowing archery turkey action all packed into one episode!

  • Putting the HECS on Spring Gobblers

    Episode 3

    This week we show you how to get away with more movement on wild turkeys than you ever thought was possible.

  • Exciting Turkey Tactics

    Episode 4

    This week we hunt with some HECS users who aren't afraid to push the boundaries on hard hunted toms.

  • In Your Face Turkey Encounters

    Episode 5

    This week we are breaking out some more over the top footage of HECS users getting closer to animals than ever before.

  • Amazing Full Strut Turkey Encounters

    Episode 6

    We're packing some of the best footage of the year into this episode to show you just what you can get away with while wearing HECS. From archery hunting sitting out in the open, to shotgun and youth with the crossbow, we cover it all.

  • HECS is the Cure for Spring Fever

    Episode 7

    This week the crew puts the HECS on some late season birds and then heads north for some close-up spot and stalk black bear action with a bow.

  • Pushing the Limits with Turkey and Predators

    Episode 8

    This week HECS users push the limits on eastern turkeys and western predators to show just what you can get away with wearing HECS technology.

  • Exciting Spring Black Bears with Archery Gear

    Episode 9

    This week the crew puts on their HECS, grabs their bows and hits the woods for some exciting spring black bear action.

  • Prowling the BC Bush for Spot & Stalk Black Bears

    Episode 10

    This week we head to the wilds of British Columbia to spot and stalk black bears with archery gear. There are a lot of bears here and the close-up action is non-stop.

  • Four Aces and a Bear

    Episode 11

    This week we enjoy some thrilling off season action at the 4 Aces Ranch in Oregon where we showcase close encounters with a variety of species. Then well head out on some exciting spot and stalk action on black bears with archery gear.

  • Up Close and Personal

    Episode 12

    This week we look back at some of the best close up HECS encounters on a wide variety of big game species.

  • HECS and the Family Heritage

    Episode 13

    For over a decade HECS has proven you can get closer than ever before. This week we take a look back at the history of a hunting family and HECS technology.

  • In Pursuit of a 200 Inch Mulie

    Episode 14

    This week host Mike Slinkard heads out in pursuit of antelope and mule deer with archery gear. His persistence pays off when he finds a huge 200 inch buck!

  • Going Western with Archery Bull Elk

    Episode 16

    This week the crew hits the western mountains in pursuit of hard hunted archery elk. They put HECS through the paces and have some amazing close up encounters. Its all coming up right here on Hunting with HECS!

  • Amazing Spot and Stalk Mule Deer

    Episode 15

    This week we head to the high country to spot and stalk trophy mule deer bucks with archery gear. HECS technology gets them close and the action is unbelievable!

  • Unbelievable Action with Rutting Archery Bulls

    Episode 17

    This week we tag along on western elk hunts during the peak of the rut. It's archery season and HECS technology means the action will be up-close and non-stop! Its all coming up right here on Hunting with HECS!

  • Going Western with Rutting Bulls

    Episode 18

    This week hunters use a variety of tactics to pursue rutting bull elk and HECS helps get them close to the action!

  • Three Generations Getting it Done

    Episode 19

    Three generations of the Slinkard family grab their bows and head into western mountains in search of mule deer and elk. Each one has their own style of hunting but regardless of which method they use, the HECS technology lets them get closer than ever before. Its an exciting hunt filled with clo...

  • Big Buck Throw Down!

    Episode 20

    The HECS crew follows along with some western Kansas mule deer hunters who have the most incredible close up hunt of their lives. Then we head to New Mexico to team up with legendary elk hunter Ralph Ramos for some one on one action with big rutting bulls.

  • Putting the HECS on Big Western Mulies

    Episode 21

    This week we head west and use HECS technology to get closer than ever before to big Western mule deer.

  • Unbelievable Archery Stalks on Rutting Mule Deer

    Episode 22

    This week the HECS crew goes one on one with rutting mule deer bucks during Oregon's late archery season. Using HECS technology the guys are able to pull off some amazing stalks that you have to see to believe.

  • Trophy Midwest Whitetails in Action

    Episode 23

    We join John Dudley from Nock On Archery while he pursues trophy class Midwest whitetails with archery gear. John lives and breathes big bucks and he puts in the time and uses HECS technology to ensure he has multiple encounters with these deep woods giants.

  • Best of 2020

    Episode 24

    This week, we take a look back at another amazing season here at Hunting with HECS. Early season predators, spring gobblers, fall mule deer and monster bulls, its all jam packed into one exciting episode.