How to Hunt with Ryan Kohler

How to Hunt with Ryan Kohler

6 Seasons

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an expert hunter right by your side, sharing their years of knowledge with you? Now, How to Hunt with Ryan Kohler promises to do just that. Putting you "at the moment" as it unfolds LIVE on camera as you join him for 30 straight days of hunting. This is as raw and unedited as hunting can get. You’ll experience every heart-pounding second as he stalks his animal in real-time and shares that with viewers every day for a month straight. Through a unique mix of traditional and social media, Ryan promises to connect with viewers in a way they have never been able to experience before. Daily updates and highlights are combined with full episodes of Ryan hunting in an area he knows best, The Alberta Bowzone, in a quest for the wild whitetails that have made this region famous.

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How to Hunt with Ryan Kohler
  • How to Make Mock Scrapes

    Episode 99

    Ryan Kohler shows you where and how to make mock scrapes for whitetail.

  • How to Dress for Winter Bowhunting

    Episode 98

    Ryan Kohler runs through everything you need to wear for cold weather bowhunting sits and how to modify your clothing so it doesn't interfere with sending an arrow into a whitetail.

  • Winter Bowhunting Shot Success

    Episode 97

    Ryan Kohler gives you tips on how to make successful shots when you're bowhunting in freezing temperatures.

  • How to Set Up a Speed Set

    Episode 96

    Ryan Kohler shares his knowledge on how to set up a speed set in 20 minutes or less.

  • How To Hunt Whitetail

    Episode 1

    Learn the Bowhunting skills you need to take down your first whitetail. From putting up tree stands to setting up your own scrapes, host Ryan Kohler demonstrates how he does it; as you follow him on a personal quest to take down a giant whitetail.

  • Bear Down!

    Episode 2

    Bear Down!

  • To Russia For Ram

    Episode 3

    Host Ryan Kohler journeys to the top of the world as he arrives to the dramatic scenic backdrop of Kamchatka to pursue a snow sheep ram of a lifetime.

  • Bowhunting Muleys

    Episode 4

    Join host Ryan Kohler on an exciting archery mule deer hunt in Southern Alberta.

  • Bowhunting Bulls

    Episode 5

    Join host Ryan Kohler as he takes down an elusive elk and then goes after moose with a roster of family and friends