Hooked on Canada

Hooked on Canada

13 Episodes

Hooked on Canada highlights the adventures of Northern Ontario tourism outfitter and seaplane pilot Joel Theriault (Air Ivanhoe Limited), his staff, friends, and family.

Joel Theriault is a 3rd generation seaplane pilot, fishing and hunting guide, and tourism outfitter with Air Ivanhoe Limited. Joel has been guiding fishermen since the age of 6, hunters since the age of 16, and has appeared on numerous TV shows and magazines as an expert guide and host.

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Hooked on Canada
  • Spring in Northern Ontario - Black Flies & Walleye

    Episode 1

    Spring in the north comes with a unique set of challenges and every year is different. This episode were struggling with animal caused electrical issues, fixing engines and docks, servicing cabins, making smudge fires to ward of the insects and catching walleye to cook them later lakeside on an ...

  • Outhouse Holes, Trip Hazards and Walleye

    Episode 2

    The guys are off for a crappy adventure moving an outhouse to a new location. Landmines are discovered in the nearby woods. Travis and Joel spend the day fixing a broken dock and Travis steps on a rusty nail. The team enjoys a great night of walleye fishing, followed by supper on an open fire!

  • External Floatplane Lumber Loads and Walleye

    Episode 3

    The boys are going to build a floating dock but first need to strap loads of lumber externally to the floatplane. After a demolition project, the hungry fishermen set out lakeside where Miguel catches and releases a real trophy walleye. An amazing fish fry feast fills everyone's stomachs.

  • A Northern Boy's Cedar Boat Slip

    Episode 4

    Watch outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends create a cedar boat slip, get the plane parked on a remote sandy beach for a few days, and catch and cook a pile of walleye. Northern Ontario wilderness fishing at its best!

  • Stolen Prime Rib Always Tastes the Best

    Episode 5

    Watch outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends fly loads of lumber into the bush, open up a wall to add new windows, forage for wild foods, catch a pile of walleye and cook an amazing prime rib supper deep in the wilderness.

  • Prime Rib for Walleye Bait

    Episode 6

    Watch outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends fly loads of lumber into the bush, build a massive floating dock, catch a crazy amount of walleye and bass, and cook fish over an open fire on the side of the lake.

  • Polar Bears, Beavers and Bass, Oh My!

    Episode 7

    Watch outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe, his son Matteo, along with friends Elijah and Miguel as they fly a riding lawnmower to the bush enroute to Cochrane for monthly plane maintenance. When they reach Cochrane the group visits the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat, the Tim Hortons Museum and ...

  • Following the Fishing Guests

    Episode 8

    Outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe drops off 4 guests at a remote wilderness lake for the adventure of a lifetime full of walleye, pike and bass. They explore some epic waterfalls, discover bald eagles and other wildlife, and cook a mouth watering fish fry with freshly caught walleye.

  • A Fly In Fishing Trip for the Day

    Episode 9

    Outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe drops off 3 guests into a wilderness destination for a day trip to catch and cook walleye and pike. The guys prepare an amazing walleye fish fry before the weather turns cold and wet. Though the temperature cools down, the fishing stays hot all day long!

  • Bear Baiting, Bear Hunting & a Fly In Fishing Trip

    Episode 10

    Outfitter Joel Theriault, of Air Ivanhoe, and two college friends set out for bears and walleye in Northern Ontario, Canada. Before the hunt, Joel and his friends Travis and Elijah run the bear baits and set trail cameras. All the hard work pays off in the end when the guys harvest a bear. Aft...

  • Catching Partridge & Hunting Walleye - or Something Like That

    Episode 11

    Outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe brings his children on a boat rescue mission where they hunt partridge, but chasing the partridge off the roads before theyre legal to harvest proves to be a challenge. After a successful grouse hunt, the group flies out to close a few bush cabins before t...

  • A Canadian Redneck Thanksgiving Tradition

    Episode 12

    Outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends harvest ducks, grouse and a turkey for a family and friend Thanksgiving cooking competition. They find ducks and partridge right out their front door and harvest a turkey Joel had raised for the season. During the cookout, Joel and Miguel s...

  • Here Moosey Moosey

    Episode 13

    Outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends set out for a true Northern Ontario moose hunt after they get the lodge chores out of the way. The guys need to wait until the opening weekend is done because theyre hunting with a non-resident, whose season starts 2 days after the resident...