6 Episodes

Ben & Nicole are on a journey of self-sufficiency and learning along the way that it may not be all that it's cracked up to be. This season Homegrown chronicles their journey into the - new to them - world of growing a garden, raising animals for meat and so much more. After mishaps with their bees, predator problems and even their pigs making a run for it they seek help from local farmers, businesses, and butcher to learn what they can to become more self-sufficient.

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  • Winter Woes

    Episode 1

    Homegrown - S: 1 - E: 1 - Ben and Nicole have committed to a goal of self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, its proving harder than they thought. Homesteading isnt as glamourous as it may look online. Atlantic Canadian winters are proving more difficult than ever before.

  • Spring Cleaning

    Episode 2

    Homegrown - S: 1 - E: 2 - As winter thaws Ben & Nicole set out to tidy up the yard and prep the garden. With cleanup well underway they pick up a new honeybee hive in hopes of being able to pollinate their garden and reap some sweet, sweet homegrown honey because the year before they were unfortu...

  • Lets get Cracking

    Episode 3

    Homegrown - S: 1 - E: 3 - After getting a nasty sting on the face taking care of the bees, Ben and Nicole set out to hatch chicks from their own eggs for the first time. While waiting for hatchlings they reap the first bounty from their garden.

  • Foraging, Fishing and Feathers

    Episode 4

    Homegrown - S: 1 - E: 4 - After Ben and Nicole join friends to pick fiddleheads, and blueberries, Nicole catches the biggest fish of the season before diving into the world of raising meat chickens.

  • Predator Problems

    Episode 5

    Homegrown - S: 1 - E: 5 - After losing too many birds to raccoons over the last couple years Ben and Nicole set out to catch their criminal and protect their meat bird investment in hopes of still filling the freezer with meat for the winter.

  • Filling the Freezer

    Episode 6

    Homegrown - S: 1 - E: 6 - After a long 8 weeks the meat birds are finally ready for the freezer. Family and friends band together and join Ben & Nicole as they slaughter whats left of their chickens in hopes of being able to feed both them and Bens parents for the winter.