Here's the Catch

Here's the Catch

4 Seasons

Here’s the Catch is an entertaining & educational TV series capturing an unrivaled passion for locating & catching saltwater fish species. The celebrity host, Italo Labignan, with over 31 years of professional experience will skillfully and knowledgeably present the fishing action as well as how to properly clean, prepare & cook each species using quality recipes to enjoy and experience the catch of the day in each episode.

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Here's the Catch
  • Atlantic Wreck Fishing

    Episode 1

    Join Italo & his guest, Capt. Frank Crescitelli, as they show you how to locate and catch a variety of bottom fish over an Atlantic wreck.

  • Flats Spotted Sea Trout

    Episode 2

    Join Italo & his guest Mike Scarlett as they show you how to locate & catch spotted sea trout on grass flats using jigs and body baits.

  • In-shore Barracuda & Mackerel

    Episode 3

    Join Italo as he shows you how to locate and barracuda & mackerel fishing man-made in-shore reefs.

  • Snapper & Porgy

    Episode 4

    Join Italo & his guest Lek Durr as he shows you how to locate bottom fish and catch them using cut bait.

  • Structure Sheepshead

    Episode 5

    Join Italo as he uses fiddler crabs for sheepshead along concrete abutments.

  • Sea Trout & Dolphins

    Episode 6

    Join Italo & his guest Amanda Lynn Mayhew as they enjoy catching sea trout and playing with dolphins.

  • Near-shore Jigging

    Episode 7

    Join Italo as he fishes jigs on bottom and on the surface for a variety of saltwater fish.

  • Flats & off-shore Mackerel and Bonito

    Episode 8

    Join Italo & his guest Ross Scroble as they test IRT spinning reels of flats and off-shore fish.

  • Amberjacks

    Episode 9

    Join Italo & his guest Tyler DeGraff as they locate and catch trophy amberjacks and mackerel.

  • Saltwater Kayaking

    Episode 10

    Join Italo as he takes you saltwater kayak fishing for a variety of shallow and open-water fish.

  • Pacific Salmon

    Episode 11

    Join Italo & his guest Benjamin Reubeni as they use downriggers to catch Pacific chinook salmon.

  • Off-shore Grouper and Snapper

    Episode 12

    Join Italo as he fished with Tyler DeGraff, Don & Nathan Cassavoy and Stewart Dickson to catch trophy grouper and big snapper.

  • Pacific Bottom Fishing

    Episode 13

    Join Italo & his guest Benjamin Reubeni as they use MFS Baits jigging spoons to catch a variety of Pacific bottom fish.