Headhunter Chronicles

Headhunter Chronicles

13 Episodes

Headhunter Chronicles is a series focused on the pursuit of all huntable animals worldwide by the renowned big-game hunter, Jason Bruce. Fueled by his passion for each hunt, the series follows a woodsman and outdoorsman who has been fortunate enough to see the world through the lens of his binoculars and spotting scope. Jason has taken over 160 species on 6 different continents and has had over 15 Archery World Records as well as 17 Top 10 Animals. These unique, record-setting hunts will be chronicled and documented for the world to see in every new episode. Conducting multiple first-ever exploratory hunts and traveling to never-before-seen locations, Headhunter Chronicles invites the viewer to join Jason on the entire hunting experience bringing integrity and respect to the species, habitat, outfitter, and culture of each destination we visit. Hear the stories, live the hunt, and see the world through the eyes of a Headhunter.

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Headhunter Chronicles
  • Papua New Guinea

    Episode 1

    Jason Bruce is on an exploratory trip to Papua New Guinea as the first hunting show to ever film in PNG. Before he can head into buffalo country, he will have to brave the 170 miles of rough seas in search of the rosa deer.

  • Papua New Guinea Part 2

    Episode 2

    Jason Bruce has spent the last week in the Hermit Islands hunting rusa deer. With no luck, he had to brave the 170 miles across the South Pacific Ocean in order to continue his journey.

  • South Florida

    Episode 3

    This is Jason's first hunt in South Florida for a seminal whitetail. Although Quail Creek offers many hunting opportunities, Jason will be hunting on the historic Adams Ranch, which is all fair chase.

  • South Florida Part 2

    Episode 4

    Jason Bruce continues his trip in South Florida with a quail hunt at Quail Creek Plantation before the evening hunt after another mature whitetail deer.

  • Kodiak Island Alaska

    Episode 5

  • Republic of Benin

    Episode 6

    Jason Travels halfway around the world to the Republic of Benin in western Africa.

  • Utah Quest Part 1

    Episode 7

    Part one of a three-part quest finds Jason Bruce in Utah where big mule deer are on the hit list. Jason will have to walk a lot of miles just to a glimpse of a shooter buck.

  • California Elk

    Episode 8

    Jason heads to Northern California to meet up with Steve Boero from Just For Hunting to go after elk.

  • Australia

    Episode 9

    After arriving in Sydney, Jason decided to go see the sites before heading to camp. After some site seeing, it was time to head to camp at Leithen Valley Trophy Hunts to go after some big game animals.

  • Iran
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Jason makes his second trip to Iran in search of a Laristan mouflon.

  • Mexico
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Jason arrives in Mexico to hunt mule deer and coues deer. He's hoping the warmer air south of the border will bring the monster bucks out of the hills and down to his blind.

  • Mexico Desert Sheep

    Episode 12

    Jason finds himself in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. His target is desert bighorn sheep, one of Mexico's most elusive animals.

  • The Yukon

    Episode 13

    Jason Bruce is in the Yukon hunting with Jim Shockey at Rogue River Outfitters and they are in search of Alaskan Yukon moose, mountain caribou, and mountain grizzly bear.