Hard Truths of Conservation

Hard Truths of Conservation

7 Episodes

Dan Cabela sets out on a high-impact, international journey of discovery within the world of conservation, and the hard truths of life among the planet’s wildlife. Experiencing some of the world’s most fearsome animals up close – leopards, bison, cheetahs and more. Dan learns how these creatures play such vital roles on our planet, and how important it is to keep them protected. In particular, Dan seeks to learn more about the role that hunting and the utilization of wildlife can play as a modern-day conservation tool.

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Hard Truths of Conservation
  • North America Giants

    Episode 1

    Dan Cabela sets out to pursue, capture and aid in the conservation of the tallest land mammal in North America the moose.

  • A Community of Conservationists

    Episode 2

    Dan Cabela explores the model for community conservation in the Zambezi Delta of Mozambique, and responsibly harvests a Cape Buffalo bull on their behalf.

  • Stealthy Predators and Ancient Tribe

    Episode 3

    Dan Cabela explores the challenges and research behind living with Africas most secretive predator - the leopard.

  • Return of an Icon

    Episode 4

    Dan Cabela learns about the recovery of an icon, the American bison, and the role that utilization has played in bringing a species back from the brink.

  • Restoring an Ecosystem

    Episode 5

    Dan Cabela joins the relocation of one of Africas most endangered big cats to an ecosystem where they have been absent for almost 100 years. Also known as the fastest land mammal - the cheetah.

  • Out of Africa

    Dan Cabela explains the domestic trade in exotic wildlife and how some of our planets most threatened species are being protected by the practice.

  • Resurfacing in the Everglades

    Episode 7

    Facing extinction in recent history, Dan Cabela investigates the conservation model behind the recovery of alligator populations in the heart of Florida.