Guide's Tails

Guide's Tails

11 Episodes

Guide’s Tails showcases the top guides from around the nation in both fresh and saltwater, inshore and offshore. We will take you inside each unique fishery, touch on conservation, and drop in to visit local tackle retailers and get some local flavor.

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Guide's Tails
  • Jammin' Jensen

    Episode 1

    Capt. Jamie Wilkinson heads south to Capt. Ed Zyak's home water. Capt. Ed has made his name on this small stretch of beach, time to put his local knowledge to the test.

  • The "Clam" Before the Storm

    Episode 2

    Capt. Ed Zyak is joined by long time TV host and Banana River native Capt. Blair Wiggins to visit Blair's home waters to find the famed flats unrecognizable. Human impact and runoff have taken their toll, but Capt. Blair and others have a plan.

  • Cowboy Like You've Never Seen

    Episode 3

    Yes sir, Capt. Ed trades his Cuban coffee for some South Texas joe as Capt. Scott Null shows the Florida angler the saltier side of Texas.

  • Deep in The Skinny

    Episode 4

    Capt. Nathan Chennaux reunites with old fishing buddy to put the new Towee Skiff to the test. Shallow water redfish beware!

  • Fish Gone Wild

    Episode 5

    Capt. Ed Zyak & Capt. Jamie Wilkinson brave the wild PCB spring break in search of uncrowded reefs and plenty of action.

  • Shrimpin' Ain't Easy

    Episode 6

    Capt. Jamie Wilkinson travels to where it all began. Capt. Mark Nichols' childhood coastal Texas home where the seeds for the famous DOA Shrimp were planted at an early age.

  • Red Fly

    Episode 7

    Capt. Ed Zyak travels back to Panama City to fish with Capt. Jamie Wilkinson. Trigger fish and red snapper are on the hit list, but with a twist.

  • Windy Lucie

    Episode 8

    Neither wind, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these anglers from the swift completion of their appointed round. Capt. Jamie & Capt. Ed are looking for sheltered waters and tarpon.

  • Snapper 3 Way

    Episode 9

    Blackened, fried, or grilled? Many ways to eat red snapper, but Capt. Nate Chennaux, Capt. Ed Zyak and Capt. Jamie Wilkinson share the many ways to catch red snapper in Panama City, Florida. To stream all episodes of Guide's Tails, click here:

  • Shopping Spree

    Episode 10

    Ever wonder what full time guides buy when they tackle shop? Capt. Nate Chennaux and Capt. Ed Zyak spend some time at Howell Tackle talking about their favorite tackle picks.

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  • Panama Blast

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 1 of Guide's Tails.

    Capt. Ed Zyak & Capt. Jamie Wilkinson explore the open waters of the Emerald Coast.