Grilling with Gryba

Grilling with Gryba

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"If you're not grillin' you're not livin'! "

Eric Gryba considers himself a jack-of-all-trades. And, it's a pretty apt description considering he's a professional hockey player and an avid hunter, angler, and wannabe grillmaster. He approaches every aspect of his life with the same drive that fuels him on and off the ice. It's that enthusiasm that viewers will appreciate as he takes them on an exciting culinary adventure with every episode.

His philosophy of 'never stop learning is self-evident as he pursues his passion for the outdoors while embracing a true field-to-table lifestyle. The only thing the avid bowhunter and angler loves more than downing a big buck or reeling in that epic catch is the thrill of grillin' his bounty.

He'll be the first to admit that he's no chef but, what he does have is a winning attitude that propels his deep affection for cooking and grilling like so many of us these days. And, the proof is evident in each delicious mouthful of the tasty creations he constructs.

Never stop living. Never stop learning. Never stop grilling!"

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Grilling with Gryba
  • The Fundamentals of Turkey Hunting

    Episode 99

    Tip: The Fundamentals of Turkey Hunting

  • Eric Gryba Shares His Walleye Batter Recipe

    Episode 98

    Eric Gryba Shares His Family's Secret Walleye Batter Recipe

  • Tracking Texas Turkey

    Episode 1

    Bagging a Texas gobbler pushes host Eric Gryba to up his game in pursuit of this wary bird. Then, he gets to strut his stuff on the grill as he shares a delicious preparation of wild turkey kabobs!

  • Hog Wild in Texas

    Episode 2

    Host Eric Gryba scrambles to shoot a Texas boar then takes it from field to table as he shares his recipe for delicious wood fired wild hog loin.

  • Secret Family Recipe

    Episode 3

    Host Eric Gryba takes you along to the family cabin in Northern Saskatchewan and into his kitchen where he reveals a 'secret' breading recipe for Walleye.

  • Getting His Gobbler

    Episode 4

    Host Eric Gryba heads to Ontario with his sights aimed at finally taking his first archery wild turkey and he's got the perfect turkey leg recipe to go with it!

  • Healthy Adventure Food

    Episode 5

    As a pro athlete, host Eric Gryba, relies on quality food to perform at his best. In this episode, he demonstrates how to make venison jerky and shares his energy bites recipe for healthy high quality snacks in the field.