Gorilla Squad

Gorilla Squad

13 Episodes

Gorilla Squad is the only hunting show available that has no sponsors whatsoever. We do not accept money from manufacturers, so that you the viewer, get an honest TV show with honest opinions from everyday hunters from both Canada and the US. It is hosted by a familiar face on Wild TV, Blaine Anthony, but in most of the shows, Blaine isn’t doing the hunting as the show focuses more on the everyday hunter, not TV professionals.

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Gorilla Squad
  • Bring You to Tears

    Episode 1

    In the premiere of the only no sponsor, hunting TV show, Gorilla Squad, we feature two incredible whitetail hunts. First, we have Candace in her home state of Oklahoma, then we head down south and catch up with Chuck in this emotional episode.

  • Bucks n Hogs

    Episode 2

    Billy McNamee is in Texas looking for his first Texas buck. Noland Pierce is at home, hunting his stomping grounds, looking to put some meat in the freezer and The King of the Swamp, Roger Rivers, is in his backyard looking to help control the hog population.

  • Spot & Stalk River Buck

    Episode 3

    Candace heads to Wyoming in search of her first antelope. Then Roger heads down by the river to spot and stalk a giant buck in a show you wont want to miss!

  • Brave Dave

    Episode 4

    Dave Hendrickson, a native to Texas, is in his home state hunting both whitetail and hogs.

  • Girl vs Bear

    Episode 5

    Twyla Jean heads to Canada in search of black bears. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Can she keep it together to get the job done?

  • Chavers Buck

    Episode 6

    Alabamas own Justin Chavers heads to South Texas looking for his first South Texas buck.

  • Roger That!

    Episode 7

    We are back in the south, with the big buck stalking, Roger Rivers. Hes doing what he does best, which is stalk down smart old bucks.

  • Turkey Goat

    Episode 8

    This week the Squad is in the turkey woods. Then we head to Wyoming for antelope. Jeremy Dipner, Noland Pierce and Candice Crick are all featured.

  • House in the Woods

    Episode 9

    This week we head to Kentucky with Angie Gade during Black Powder season looking for a buck. Dave is looking for a couple of deer himself. Then Noland is whitetail hunting in the snow in Michigan. A very action-packed episode.

  • The Champs

    Episode 10

    This week we feature 2 champs. Roger Rivers the King of the Swamp, and Tim Sylvia 5 time UFC Champion. Both champs hunting big whitetail.

  • Big Beaver Teeth

    Episode 11

    Dave heads out for a hog hunt with a youth in hopes of getting his first hog. Then we join Tim Crick in South Dakota looking for a big buck.

  • Garretson's Out West

    Episode 12

    Tom and Suzanne Garretson head west to pursue black bear. They experience the high and lows of hunting one of natures smartest animals.

  • Viewers' Deer

    Episode 13

    Eddie Platt takes you back through Gorilla Squads freshman season with a best of show. We have some big old bucks to show you.