Giving Back TV

Giving Back TV

11 Episodes

Follow host Erin Throckmorton as he travels the globe in search of adventure. Erin combined his passions of hunting and helping people to create Giving Back TV. Giving Back TV spotlights positive stories surrounding hunting, and hunters, around the world. Conservation, anti-poaching, meat distribution and family traditions are only a few of the stories Erin captures along the way. Erin and Giving Back TV are making a difference, one hunt at a time.

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Giving Back TV
  • Giving Back in Africa

    Episode 1

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 1 - The start of Season 7 follows host Erin Throckmorton and co-host Ozzy Dahlman as they get to hunt in both Botswana and South Africa. You'll see Ozzy hunt for the first time for plains game in Africa and watch as Erin has an encounter with an animal he's c...

  • From Tragedy to Triumph

    Episode 2

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 2 - This week you'll meet Heather, whose life was changed forever on January 1st, 2011. You'll hear her story of how she lost her husband to a terrible hunting accident and see how she managed to cope with this tragedy and forgave the person who was involved....

  • Beceite Ibex in Spain - Part 1

    Episode 3

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 3 - We travel to Spain with our good friends, Dave, and Tammy Poe, as Dave goes after Beceite Ibex. Besides the incredible hunt, we were able to do some sightseeing, and visit the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba. This was a great trip for both hunting and sightse...

  • Beceite Ibex in Spain - Part 2

    Episode 4

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 4 - Watch as host Erin Throckmorton gets his chance to hunt Beceite ibex in the mountains of Spain. In addition to the hunt, they take in many sights of Spain like Flamenco shows and a tour through an old castle that was used in the filming of Game of Thrones.

  • Montana Archery Whitetail

    Episode 5

    Watch as Ozzy starts bowhunting for the very first time. Her and Erin go after whitetails in Montana with their bows, during archery and rifle seasons. You will see Ozzy encounter all the highs and lows during her first archery season.

  • Botswana Elephant

    Episode 6

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 6 - Host Erin Throckmorton travels to Botswana to hunt for elephant. He learns of issues the locals are having with the over-population of these animals, and interviews many locals and professionals in the area, learning about all the positives of hunting ele...

  • Botswana Leopard

    Episode 7

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 7 - Host Erin Throckmorton travels to Botswana with good friend Ralph H., as Ralph hunts for leopard, and tries to complete his quest for the Dangerous 7. You will hear from locals about the destruction these cats are causing to their livestock and see what h...

  • New Mexico Elk

    Episode 8

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 8 - Good friend Antonello M., and his son Claudio, travel all the way from Italy to meet host Erin Throckmorton in New Mexico, as Antonello hunts for elk. You will also see how this team worked together to help a calf elk that was stuck in a fence. Great epis...

  • Texas Exotics

    Episode 9

    Erin travels to Texas with good friends, Steve Davis and Brian Holtmeyer, owners of Hammer Bullets. They hunt exotics for the week, while contributing to the outfitters Christian based, youth camps he runs.

  • Montana Mountain Lion

    Episode 10

    Giving Back TV - Season: 7 - Episode: 10 - Erin hunts with good friend, Antonello M., for mountain lion, in Northwest Montana. Antonello travelled all the way from Italy to try and complete a dream hunt he has wanted to do for years.

  • Hammer Bullets

    Episode 11

    We visit Brian Holtmeyer and Steve Davis, owners of Hammer Bullets, to get some custom loads for our rifles. While there, we document a gel test with their Hammer Hunters against a top competitor. You will a great view of this company and their bullets.