Gary Cooper's Fishing Diary

Gary Cooper's Fishing Diary

2 Seasons

Gary Cooper, the founder, and president of Nice Fish Marketing Group has been actively producing outdoor education and entertainment films since 1984.

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Gary Cooper's Fishing Diary
  • In the Beginning

    Episode 1

    Gary takes you back to 1988 and tells the story of how the Fishing Diary was born and the making of the pilot.

  • Small Streams

    Episode 2

    Fishing Creeks and Streams. On the fly or spinning. Gary takes you behind the scenes.

  • Raking Bait

    Episode 3

    Gary shows how to become a minimalist when fishing.

  • The Big Bite

    Episode 5

    Non-stop action of large salmon on an evening bite.

  • Top Water Pike

    Episode 6

    Gary reviews some of his best pike trips including a monster on the fly.

  • The Carpenters

    Episode 7

    The life of a West Coast father and son as salmon fishermen.

  • The Guide Tagging Program

    Episode 8

    Martin Paishe and Pat Ahern catch and take bio samples for fisheries.

  • The Bet

    Episode 10

    All fishermen love to bet. Gary takes you on a personal Derby.

  • The Jig

    Episode 11

    Gary takes you to his many trips using jigs for salmon and trout.

  • Island Outfitters

    Episode 12

    Island Outfitters

  • Derbies

    Episode 13

    Gary takes you into the array of fishing derbies, from NHL on the West Coast to blue fin on the East Coast.