Frontline Farming Canada

Frontline Farming Canada

4 Episodes

We'll be taking you to the front line to meet the people that are passionate about producing food and doing business in the world of agriculture. This is an ever changing industry full of opportunity.

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Frontline Farming Canada
  • Heavy Horses and Farm Transition Planning

    Episode 1

    We hook up a team and go for a ride at a farm raising, training and showing Clydesdale and Pecheron heavy horses. We talk Farm Transition Planning and results of a recent Farm Financial Survey in Canada, and have our regular Mental Health Moment

  • Feed Export Business and Grain Growers of Canada

    Episode 2

    We visit a booming export business in Alberta, which ships hay, straw and corn silage to markets as far away as Asia and the Middle east, after drying and rebaling the feed for shipping

  • Pure Life Carbon and Dairy Environmental Footprint

    Episode 3

    An Alberta clean tech company has an alternative growing medium for greenhouse operators that is good for the environment, and a science perspective on reducing the environmental footprint of dairy farms.

  • Calf Massage & Horse Expo

    Episode 5

    Animal behavior research is seeing whether a one-minute massage on young calves has long-term benefits. Western equitation is a fast-growing sport and a clinic topic at a Horse Expo.