Frontier Stories

Frontier Stories

6 Episodes

Frontier Stories is a reality run-and-gun adventure docuseries exploring northern regions in Canada. The best conservationists are those who work and live around the resources they need to survive. The great outdoors can be a relaxing experience, but in these regions, you need to know before you go! Not all dangers and rules are written. This six-part series explores wild water, massive fish, dangerous wildlife and weather, history, conservation, and the people that call Northern Cities “home”.

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Frontier Stories
  • The Icebox

    Episode 1

    Northern Manitoba holds some of the biggest lake trout on the planet. Guides from Bakers Narrows Lodge explain the benefits of catch and release while battling extreme weather warnings on their way to becoming Master Anglers.

  • The Show

    Episode 2

    Producer Eric Orton travels remote logging roads to witness extreme hatchery operations with Steve Lacasse, Debbie Anderson, and husband Grant Anderson on Northern Vancouver Island. These logging roads are very old and have been operating for many decades. The journey takes you backward, to a h...

  • The Big House

    Episode 3

    Hereditary Chief David Knox takes us to Kwakiutl First Nation and shows how he provides for his people. Longline fishing for halibut is demonstrated in otherwise protected areas. Battling governments to protect the land Chief Knox organizes a ceremony that's size has not been seen before.

  • The Shield

    Episode 4

    Bakers Narrows Lodge is located along the Canadian Shield in northern Manitoba - the land of 100,000 lakes. The vast area of water-ways makes float planes a regular mode of transportation for lodge owner Brett Baynton and his guests. Brett tells us his heroic controlled landing stories and his ...

  • The Sunless City

    Episode 5

    The Sunless City is a 1905 novel written by J.E Preston Muddock. The book was found in Northern Manitoba by prospectors in the 1920's. When ore deposits were discovered, the men decided to name the mine after the main character Josiah Flitabbatey Folnatin, or as he was known in the book; Flin F...

  • The Gateway

    Episode 6

    Northern Vancouver Island has some of the cleanest river systems in the world. The Gateway is fed by ancient glacier rivers with an abundance of sockeye salmon and the predators that feed on them. Producer Eric Orton talks about his time off-shore fishing Port Hardy.