Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures

Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures

5 Seasons

Today’s emphasis on trophy hunting can be both unrealistic and discouraging to the average hunter. We want to bring the excitement and thrill of the “experience” back to our television viewing audience. High-priced hunts and the constant emphasis on “trophy” hunting have flooded the airwaves. Forever Wild Outdoors wants to “break away” from this “cookie-cutter” mold. Entertaining the viewer is our goal, but we also want to teach the viewer what has made our careers so successful. Passing on this knowledge is paramount, and we believe the viewers will embrace our style and experience.

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Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures
  • Youth Turkey Hunt

    Episode 1

    To kick off season five, the FWO team has once again hit the woods for their favorite hunt of the season, taking the kids out to chase spring gobblers in the Empire State. Join Matthew Devries, Natalie White and Jason Byers as they match wits against these wary birds and try to put a tag on one t...

  • The Gift

    Episode 2

    No doubt this episode will be one you will remember. Join Stephen Byers on an epic journey of highs and lows with one bird in particular that has bested him throughout the season. Putting others first in hopes they can kill his prize, he waits patiently for his turn. Watch this with the ones you ...

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    Episode 3

    Join host Steve Schicker on a solo bird hunt at "Rancho Del Rightmyer". Then watch as Steve films co-host Gerry Rightmyer on a turkey hunt that you have to see to believe. Are they able to seal the deal? Watch and find out!

  • Africa, The Adventure Continues

    Episode 4

    Join us as we head back to Africa with pro-staffers Ben Lowe and Steve Doubt on some adrenaline filled spot and stalk bow hunts for plains game.

  • The Early Bird Gets the Deer

    Episode 5

    Join Sarah Byers as she tries to connect on an early season archery buck in Southeast Ohio and Steve, Gerry and Steve head out in their home state of New York to try and lend a hand to local farmers with some nuisance deer.

  • Canadian Adrenaline Adventures

    Episode 6

    Join Jenni Betts, Ben Lowe, Steve Byers and Steve Schicker in search of giant Canadian black bear and timber wolves.

  • Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

    Episode 7

    This week, young ladies Natalie White and Autumn Evans are hunting whitetails in New York and North Carolina.

  • Legendary Island of Anticosti

    Episode 8

    This week, the team heads to the famed Anticosti Island to hunt "whitetales".

  • Father Daughter Whitetails

    Episode 9

    This week, Stephen Byers and his step daughter Natalie hunt in Pennsylvania. Then Jeremy Evans and his daughter Autumn do some bowhunting in North Carolina.

  • Alaska-The Final Frontier

    Episode 10

    Join co-host Gerry Rightmyer and pro-staffer Steve Doubt as they head to Kodiak Island in search of sitka blacktail deer on this Alaskan adrenaline adventure.

  • Turkey Hunting with Bows

    Episode 11

    Join Steve Doubt, Stephen Byers and Jeremy Evans as they hunt turkeys with bows. Watch for the special surprise at the end.

  • Whitetails, Whitetails and more Whitetails

    Episode 12

    This week join the team as they hunt whitetails in New York.

  • Best of Season 5

    Episode 13

    This week join us as we review the best of Season 5.