Fishful Thinking

Fishful Thinking

7 Seasons

Charlie Wray has been the host of the very popular TV show, Fishful Thinking, since 1990. Part of the success behind the show has been the very informative format. Perfect for both the novice and experienced angler, Fishful Thinking provides entertaining insight for all audiences. Locations center around the heavily fished, public waters that are easily accessible for the majority of anglers. Charlie has been recognized as one of Canada's top fishermen, on a variety of gamefish. Even before launching the Fishful Thinking TV Show, Charlie had already won numerous national fishing contests.

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Fishful Thinking
  • Glow Spoon Salmon

    Episode 25

    Charlie heads out to Lake Ontario for early season salmon. The most consistent fishing has been in deep water; downriggers and spoons are the winning combination, and a few tricks of the trade can sure come in handy to put the odds in your favour.

  • Snaggy Walleye and Surface Kings

    Episode 27

    First Charlie tackles the snag infested waters of the French River in Ontario. With a few simple additions, snags are few and far between, and the Walleye bite is on. Then Charlie and wife Terri head south to the Keys for some amazing King Mackerel action.

  • Freedom Pike

    Episode 26

    Charlie heads out to Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan for Pike. Today Charlie is out to test a brand new concept in jigs, and does it ever pay off big. Not only does this jig work incredible well, but you will have to see it to believe what this jig is capable of doing.

  • Apex Salmon and Live Target Pike

    Episode 29

    First Charlie targets the mighty King Salmon in Lake Ontario. Charlie discusses the tactics for being successful, downrigging for Salmon. Then, its time to tackle shallow water Pike. Charlie uses a few tricks of the trade to make lures weed free and sets the lake on fire with monster Pike.

  • Summer St. Clair Muskies

    Episode 30

    Charlie heads to the Muskie waters of Lake St. Clair. Joined by Peter Strain from Water Depot; the two head out with Jim Fleming of Drifter 2 Charters. Shallow waters, planer boards and line counter reels are the name of the game.....not only numbers of quality Muskies, but this day is certainl...

  • Lucky Bass and Roostertail Pike

    Episode 31

    Charlie heads to the North Bay area of Ontario, for some largemouth bass, then off to Saskatchewan for some great pike fishing.

  • Giant PEI Bluefin Tuna

    Episode 32

  • Lake Erie Walleye and Reindeer Lake Pike

    Episode 33

    On Lake Erie near Dunnville, Ontario after huge walleye, then up to Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan for pike.

  • Live Target Walleye, Floats and Divers

    Episode 34

    Charlie heads to the Bay of Quinte for late season monster walleye. Then off to the Fraser River in British Columbia for some tips on floats and jigs for salmon. The third part of the episode, Charlie heads to Saskatchewan for lake trout.

  • Ontario Salmon and Saskatchewan Pike

    Episode 35

    Starting off at Lake Ontario near the city of St. Catharines catching salmon, then up to Lindbergh's Reindeer Lake Lodge in Northern Saskatchewan after pike using glow spoons.

  • Niagara River Smallmouth and Key West King Mackerel

    Episode 36

    Starting on the Niagara River fishing for smallmouth bass, then down to sunny Key West, Florida to join Captain Steve Roger for fun in the Gulf with the hard fighting king mackerel.

  • Lake Erie Steelhead & Reindeer Lake Lodge Pike

    Episode 37

    Starting on Lake Erie catching big steelhead using big water tactics and realistic looking lures, then up to Reindeer lake Lodge in Saskatchewan after northern pike using a different approach to catch them.

  • French River Walleyes & Reindeer Lake Pikes

    Episode 38

    Starting on the French River after bottom hugging walleye, then up to Lindbergh's Reindeer Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan after monster pike using a pitch bait.

  • Jet Diver Trout & Lucky Salmon

    Episode 39

  • Into The Blue Zone

    Episode 40

    Charlie and Terri head to sunny Key West, Florida in today's episode. Shark fishing is at its best...aggressive bites, energetic fights and a lot of fun.