Fish'n the Arctic with Ryan Gregory

Fish'n the Arctic with Ryan Gregory

3 Seasons

Fish'n the Arctic with Ryan Gregory

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Fish'n the Arctic with Ryan Gregory
  • Tips & Tricks: How to Measure Your Catch

    Episode 99

    How to measure your catch.

  • Tips & Tricks: How to Test Your Bait Presentation Underwater

    Episode 98

    How to test your bait presentation under water.

  • Spring Pike on Great Slave Lake

    Episode 1

    Join Ryan Gregory on his first trip of the year for spring pike fishing on Great Slave Lake. The ice is still on the lake, which can make things a bit challenging while navigating in the fog and trying to figure out what bait the fish what to eat.

  • Big Bait Pike on Great Slave Lake

    Episode 2

    Its almost fall and Ryan Gregory is headed out onto Great Slave Lake looking for big pike in the cabbage beds. Big baits are on the menu today as the pike are beginning to put on the feed in preparation for a long winter.

  • Whitefish in Tartan Rapids

    Episode 3

    It's October and after a failed attempt to make it up the shallow waters in the Yellowknife River, Ryan teams up with Ian Ellsworth from Trailblazer Tours, to jet boat through the shallows to Tartan Rapids, on the hunt for some whitefish.

  • Yellowknife Ice Fishing

    Episode 4

    It's time to break out the Skidoo and hit the ice with Andrew Moore from Yellowknife Sport Fishing. The temperature is near -50C, so Ryan and Andrew hunker down inside an insulated fish hut and have a little friendly competition catching walleye, whitefish and northern pike on a local lake, in Ye...