Final Descent Outdoors

Final Descent Outdoors

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We pride ourselves on being average joes, like most of our viewers. Which is why we relate so well to the hunters who watch our show as we hunt 100% fair chase whitetail. We want to provide a positive message through our words as well as our actions on and off camera. We also pride ourselves on keeping our priorities straight; faith, family and hunting.

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Final Descent Outdoors
  • Florida Vibes

    Episode 1

    Host Brad Clay and producer Adam Carter are joined by Huntress Kendall Jones and friends to hunt alligators in central Florida with 5L Outfitters. They also learn about the process of egg gathering and due some nuisance gator relocation. This one is action packed!

  • Amateur Hour

    Episode 2

    Producer Adam Carter has seen hundreds of big game hunts editing for FDO the last six years. But outside of some bird hunting, he has never hunted big game himself. All that changed in 2019 when he was drawn for a once in a lifetime Oklahoma bull elk hunt in the Wichita Mountains. Will his first ...

  • Pass It Along

    Episode 3

    Carrying on the tradition of one of our favorite episodes every year, our youth hunting episode! But this time it's a complete takeover as host Brad Clay's son Matthias and staffer Daniel Arms daughter EmmaLee handle the hosting as well! You don't want to miss this action packed episode with lots...

  • Priority

    Episode 4

    Pro staffer Justin James has made the best of bowhunting the Texas panhandle. As his daughters passion for hunting grows Justin is challenged with not only trying to get himself a buck in Wheeler County every year, but also trying to get his daughter Chancey a buck as well. And she isn't as picky...

  • Commitment

    Episode 5

    Eric Worley is on the hunt for big deer as well as a wife. Can he land a big buck all while getting his girlfriend and fellow passionate hunter Kaitlin a big buck as well? Will being a successful guide help Eric land Kaitlin as his wife? Just have to tune in to see!

  • Into the Wild - Part 1

    Episode 6

    Rick Thomas gets a last minute opportunity to go to Alaska with Nomad Adventures to hunt a grizzly bear and a moose! He takes the all new CVA Paramount muzzleloader and is hoping to be the first person to kill both with the new CVA gun! And first up is his grizzly! But this trip has way more mean...

  • Into the Wild - Part 2

    Episode 7

    Rick Thomas is continuing his Alaska hunt with Nomad Adventures. With a grizzly bear down, Rick is now turning his attention to a big Alaska moose. The CVA Paramount dropped the grizzly in his tracks. Can the Paramount do it again on a big bull moose? Stick around to find out!

  • Last Foundations

    Episode 8

    The Thorn Broadheads crew is headed to Oklahoma to test out the all-new Crown broadhead on the Final Descent Outdoors hunting grounds. The deer are about to be stacked up! While the Thorn crew hunts western Oklahoma, FDO staffer Adam Nicholas is putting a Thorn Rift to work on the eastern side of...

  • Devils Tower

    Episode 9

    Brad Clay and Jonathan Stinson head to Wyoming with AA Outfitters to hunt mule deer right at the base of the Devil's Tower. Though they are after a muley, the tags are for either a mule deer or a whitetail and AA Outfitters has plenty of both. If a big whitetail gets in the way, he might be getti...

  • Preacher Man

    Episode 10

    T.W. Norman has lots of titles. He is a husband, father, pastor, and an avid outdoorsman. With great ground to hunt in Iowa and Illinois T.W. is hoping to arrow some great bucks but to also get his son on a nice buck as well. All while balancing his role as a dad, husband, and a Shepard to his ch...

  • DNA
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Jeremy Roland had a year he won't soon forget. After getting his son Paul his first deer and sharing an incredible hunt with his 93yr old grandpa Jeremy is after big Iowa whitetail of his own including one of the biggest 8 pointers ever recorded! A true Booner 8pt! You don't want to miss this one!

  • Prepped

    Episode 12

    Brad Clay and Spot On Food Plots Owner Lance Fox talk food plots and deer herd management. Then join staffer Johnny Maxwell as he hunts an old buck in southern Oklahoma. Lastly staffer Rick Thomas is hoping to close out his amazing year with a big buck in the state of Iowa with his CVA.

  • Changes

    Episode 13

    Staffers Jake and Jon Cornish of Michigan have experienced a lot of life changes since they joined the FDO staff. Both have gotten married and moved but still find a way to be in the woods during the rut just like the good ol' days.