Final Approach Presents "The Last Pass"

Final Approach Presents "The Last Pass"

8 Episodes

As the inventors of the very first layout blind in 1993, we know the tough conditions waterfowlers endure. So, every day we get up early, stay late, and work hard to build premium products that will last. The innovation that goes into our blinds, decoys and accessories is top notch and that has always matched our durability. We don't just settle for good enough, we want to always go the extra mile. So, if you chase waterfowl during the season, think about waterfowl when it's the off season and when you're not hunting your thinking about hunting like us, this is the place for you.

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Final Approach Presents "The Last Pass"
  • Canada Giants and Its Happening

    Episode 1

    Mario and the crew get invited to head back up to Saskatchewan by Kyle at Weatherby for an early season hunt with Tyler at Saskatchewan Goose Company. Loads of fun, big honkers, some early season ducks and some great new items from FA and Weatherby T-shirts, light hoodies and bug spray is needed ...

  • Monguls in the Fog and Sunrise Cranes

    Episode 2

    Early season honkers, even in Saskatchewan, can be tricky depending on the weather and temperature. An early morning light fog gets the honkers as close, and in our face, as possible and the shooting is fast and the piles get big quick. The guys from Weatherby and some of their distributors join...

  • Baltic Sea Ducks & Swedish Crows

    Episode 3

    Our FA International distributors are a big part of our business and we wanted to get some of them together in Sweden at This episode we hunt puddle ducks on the Baltic Sea and the scenery alone is beyond words. This is a bucket list trip, and we get to experience it with good ...

  • Greylags in the Wind and the Swaths

    Episode 4

    This episode we get a few days in the land of fire and ice. Iceland provided us epic hunts in extreme winds and weather and put the Greylag geese and Barnacle geese right on the deck. Tons of up close and personal action with decoying birds right in our face as they hang in the wind. The guy ...

  • Montana Madness

    Episode 5

    This episode we are hunting a place they call the Hot Tub. This is a warm water slough hidden in the middle of some agriculture and one of the rivers that the birds use heavily. The temps are frigid, in the teens and low single digits, and most of the water around is frozen, other than parts ...

  • 2 Shot

    Episode 6

    A goose hunting contest in Wyoming? Tell me more. well, the contest is simple, you get 2 shells per person to shoot 2 geese per person and when you are done, you are done. Sounds easy. Not so fast! There are 9 different states and 2 countries represented at the Goshen County Wyoming 2 Shot ...

  • Snow Goose Mashup and Saskatchewan Blues

    Episode 7

    The spring migration is on and the birds are stalled out at one of our favorite spots with Tyler at Saskatchewan Goose Company. It did not start that way though as we were all supposed to go down to Southern Sask. to chase whites with a different Tyler at Prairie Sky Outfitters, but all the bir...

  • Trophy Pintails in Oregon

    Episode 8

    This episode is from Season 2 of Final Approach Presents "The Last Pass".

    Mario and the local Oregon guys get together for a late season hunt in the Pacific NW. They pull out the layout boats for some high-water tricks to shoot some trophy Pintails and other ducks. The sky is filled on this epis...