Fed by Fire

3 Episodes

Josh McFadden is not a chef. His kitchen has no walls. But as a culinary savant obsessed with the outdoors, his life’s mission is to bring fine dining to the wild.

Accompanied by a diverse group of local experts and tastemakers, he’s adventuring off the grid to discover unexpected terrain and unearth indigenous flavours to deliver the most immersive and unforgettable dining experience - straight from the source, in the wild, Fed by Fire.

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  • The Stone Oven

    Episode 1

    In British Columbia, there is a legend of an ancient stone oven that was built in the mountains during construction of the railroad. Josh sets out on a trip to reconnect with his brothers, do some fishing, explore and ultimately search for this 100-year-old oven if he has come all this way, a me...

  • Wild Turkey Confit

    Episode 2

    Surrounded by endless oaks on the edge of a ranch, Josh sets out to find a spring turkey, the key ingredient in a delicious riverside supper hes planning to make. He is accompanied by Chad, a local archery hunter whos there to help in the hunt and partake in the dinner.

  • Drum Roll

    Episode 3

    Sandy beaches and driftwood make the perfect spot for wading out into the shallows to kick off spring fishing for freshwater drum. Josh is accompanied by newcomer Joe, and teaches him to navigate the lake in hip waders. In an area ripe with cattails, Josh shows Joe how to harvest and pickle these...