Emerald Tails

Emerald Tails

13 Episodes

Follow Captain Nate Chennaux, Captain Todd Jones and Captain Jamie Wilkinson as they explore the pristine waters of the Emerald Coast. Each episode explores the bays and gulf around Panama City and the various tips and techniques needed to be a successful angler.

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Emerald Tails
  • Summer Wind

    Episode 1

    Warm water is finally here, Capt. Jamie Wilkinson & Capt. Todd Jones venture into the Gulf of Mexico for the first trip of the summer.

  • All Jacked Up

    Episode 2

    They call them Reef Donkeys for a reason. With a bait well of live bait, no telling what Capt. Todd and Capt. Jamie my find.

  • Running of the Bulls

    Episode 3

    Capt. Nate & Capt. Jamie tangle with the giant redfish of Panama City. Trip turns into a topwater slugfest!

  • Walk About

    Episode 4

    Capt. Jamie and Capt. Nate decide its time to get wet as they explore the flats of Panama City.

  • Surviving Michael

    Episode 5

    Capt. Todd recounts the days events leading up to and post hurricane Michael that slammed into the region on October 10th, 2018.

  • Gulf Gumbo Mix

    Episode 6

    Capt. Todd and Capt. Jamie hit the honey hole for red snapper one day and then luck out on some nice barracuda the next.

  • Towee Tuff

    Episode 7

    Capt. Nathan and Capt. Jamie hit the back water in the Towee Skiff for some action packed trout and redfish angling.

  • Slick Like Glass

    Episode 8

    Capt. Todd and Capt. Jamie find themselves in excellent fishing conditions offshore and take advantage of the situation.

  • Kings Over Cuda

    Episode 9

    Capt. Jamie and Captain Todd take to the Gulf on a toothy mission. Join them as they target kings & barracuda out of Panama City.

  • Rapala on Top

    Episode 10

    Capt. Nate and Capt. Jamie explore the wonderful world of Rapala on top!

  • Florida, Meet Texas

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 1 of Emerald Tails.

    Capt. Todd & Capt. Jamie take the Towee Boat on a cast & blast dream trip.

  • Going Deep in the Skinny

    Episode 12

    This episode is from Season 1 of Emerald Tails.

    The captains take a deep look at flats fishing in Panama City, Florida.

  • A Look Back

    Episode 13

    This episode is from Season 1 of Emerald Tails.

    The guys look back on an unbelievable year of fishing. From offshore giants to bays, this was one action packed season.