El Camino Motorcycle Television

El Camino Motorcycle Television

9 Episodes

El Camino is a new show about motorcycling. Made by award-winning documentary filmmakers, El Camino transcends the clichés for stories no-one else dares to cover.

El Camino hosts Neil Graham and Jake Hudson hit the road in search of strong coffee, the best roads, and waterfalls. Yes, waterfalls. El Camino’s season one dives deep to discover the unknown world of motorcycle design—as told by a designer who’s worked on everything from electric superbikes to MotoGP racers. We unearth the reasons beneath the minibike revival, address the unexpected resurgence of three-wheelers, and meet a woman who self-identifies as a “monkey.” Intrigued? We hope so.

We also profile a motorcycle racer who—despite nearly losing his life on multiple occasions—can’t keep away from the racetrack. And this just scratches the surface of El Camino’s offerings. Ride a motorcycle? Wished you rode a motorcycle? El Camino’s for you.

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El Camino Motorcycle Television
  • Knee High to a Grasshopper

    Episode 1

    Our houses are bigger, our vehicles have ballooned. Why then the resurgence in minibikes?

  • How to Make a Motorcycle

    Episode 2

    How motorcycles are conceived and built remained a mystery. Until now.

  • Highland Adventures

    Episode 3

    Between Toronto and Ottawa are some of the best roads for riding. We show you our favourites.

  • At What Cost?

    Episode 4

    Motorcycle racing gets you two ways. It'll break your neck, and your bank account.

  • Points North and Beyond

    Episode 5

    Manitoulin Island is a land of magic. We ride north to the land of mystery then onward to scenic Sudbury.

  • Three for the Road

    Episode 6

    The resurgence of the three-wheeler is motorcycling's most unexpected twist.

  • Lake Nipissing Loop

    Episode 7

    Not one of the Great Lakes, but a great lake nonetheless. El Camino's Lake Nipissing loop.

  • How Do They Do That?

    Episode 8

    Motocrosser Cole Thompson flies like a eagle while Jake and Neil sink like a stone.

  • It's a Chopper Baby, Not a Motorcycle

    Episode 9

    Ducati's 916 is a design icon, but so is the stripped down, 1960s Harley chopper.