Dream Makers

Dream Makers

13 Episodes

Dream Makers is a show brought to you by the Outdoor Adventure Foundation that follows the excursions of youths under the age of 25 with life-threatening illnesses as well as disabled veterans. Each week we join a new set of hunters as they forget about the troubles of life and enjoy the joy of the outdoors and experience their dream hunts!

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Dream Makers
  • Blind Veteran's Dream Hunt

    Episode 1

    Today on Dream Makers, we take Mandi and Dean out on their own outdoor adventures. First, we have Mandi who has always wanted to go on an elk hunt, and today that dream comes true! Next, we take out a veteran named Dean who lost his eyesight during the Vietnam War. Joining Dean is his grandson Ja...

  • Dream Bull Moose Hunt

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Dream Makers, we hunt one of the smallest game animals and one of the largest! We start the evening out with Jamison going on a good old-fashioned turkey hunt. Then we join Collin on a hunt for the largest mammal in North America, the moose!

  • Back to Back Turkey Hunts

    Episode 3

    Today on Dream Makers it's all about the gobble! We're going on two different turkey hunts in two regions of the country. First, we head south to join Jarod as he finishes his turkey grand slam by taking a Florida Osceola turkey. Then we head up to North Dakota to follow Reece on his eastern turk...

  • Hunting America's Fastest Land Animal

    Episode 4

    On this episode of Dream Makers, our recipient Abe takes to the plains of North Dakota to hunt America's fastest land animal, the pronghorn! Next, we join Cole in the scenic mountains of Montana to take a mule deer!

  • Back to Back Veteran Hunts

    Episode 5

    Today on Dream Makers we show our veterans our appreciation by taking them on their very own outdoor adventures! First we head out to a remote lake for a relaxing fly In fishing trip with Derek. Then we head to the Manitoba forest with Alan to take his first black bear.

  • Back to Back Mule Deer Hunts

    Episode 6

    This week we have take our recipients on two mule deer hunts! First we head to North Dakota with Jade and see how breathtaking wildlife can be. Next we join Isaak in Montana to find out what makes the O'tiwahe Ranch so incredible!

  • Incredible Mule Deer Long Shot

    Episode 7

    In this episode of Dream Makers, we set our sights on two different types of deer! First, we join Jon at the Lazy 3 Ranch as he experiences his first whitetail deer hunt. Then we travel back to the O'tiwahe Ranch to meet Hannah and see her take an unbelievable shot.

  • Chasing Bucks in North Dakota

    Episode 8

    The Outdoor Adventure Foundation is based out of North Dakota and today both of our hunts stay close to home! First, we join Bret on his first hunt for wild turkey! Next, we meet Gabe out in the hill country where he sets his sights on his first trophy buck!

  • Dream Whitetail Hunt with Keith Warren!

    Episode 9

    We take Cole on his second Dream Makers hunt! We head to North Dakota where Cole will be setting his sights on his first pronghorn antelope. Afterwards we throwback to an Outdoor Adventure Foundation hunt that was featured on one of outdoor television personality Keith Warren's shows. On this hun...

  • Hunting Giant Canadian Black Bears

    Episode 10

    Usually on Dream Makers, we feature two recipients per show but this time around we are changing things up and starting out this episode with a group pheasant hunt! We gather up a whole bunch of recipients, some you may recognize from other episodes, and take them out to Baldhill Creek Adventures...

  • Colorado Dream Hunt

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 1 of Dream Makers.

    A culmination of volunteers and donors come together to give our recipient the absolute hunt of a lifetime! First, we join Dustin on an intense spot n stalk hunt for an elk followed by a good old-fashioned prairie dog shoot.

  • Hunting for a Giant

    Episode 12

    This episode is from Season 1 of Dream Makers.

    Our first hunt takes us along with our recipient Jacob whose dream of taking down a giant bull moose is about to become a reality. Then we join Brody, who is new to hunting but has the big dream of taking a big ol' trophy whitetail buck!

  • One Shot Moose Kill

    Episode 13

    This episode is from Season 1 of Dream Makers.

    We bring you 3 hunts in one episode! We start off with a young man named Keegan whose dream is to take a crack at one the largest animals in North America, and it is quite a chase you won't want to miss! Next, we have O.A.F. star Gabe back for his f...