Deer & Wildlife Stories

Deer & Wildlife Stories

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As a life-long deer hunter Keith Warren is extremely passionate about whitetail deer. So much so that he became a deer farmer so he could be around deer every day of the year. This passion led him to realizing how much there is to learn about whitetails and that hunting them is just not enough. That’s why this show was developed. Now, Deer & Wildlife Stories showcases today's most innovative deer farms and wildlife management operations in the country. This unique, highly acclaimed show treats viewers to an entertaining mix of big buck footage and educational whitetail management techniques.

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Deer & Wildlife Stories
  • Texas Biggest Up and Coming Deer Farm! P Bar Whitetails

    Episode 1

    Its our first visit to this East Texas deer farm run by a woman who the entire deer industry is talking about. Her name is Jody Phillips and she has assembled some of the best genetics in the entire whitetail world by focusing on the doe side. Jody explains how her secret to success has not been ...

  • Major League Bucks at MVP Whitetails

    Episode 2

    Today we visit MVP Whitetails just outside of Dallas and get an up-close look at the industry giant Major League. Well also introduce you to an absolutely magnificent younger buck named Supreme. Farm owner Jade Webster tells us how he got started after spending two years researching genetics and ...

  • Legendary Giant Bucks - Tajada Whitetails

    Episode 3

    Today Keith heads to Tajada Whitetails located just outside of Houston, Texas. Owner George Tunal has some bucks that will rival his long-time deer industry favorite buck named Gunslinger. Now, George has grown a newer generation of what is sure to be industry favorites like Lone Ranger, Peace Ma...

  • Amish Country Deer Blowout

    Episode 4

    Today we travel to Indiana and where we are on a whirlwind tour through Amish Country visiting deer farms. Youll see an industry leader buck named The Fed and see some of his outstanding offspring. Plus well showcase the biggest deer event in Indiana as we take you inside the Indiana Deer & Elk F...

  • Giant Whitetail Factory - Davine Genetics

    Episode 5

    Were back and bigger than ever! Starting at DaVine Genetics, were checking in on monster bucks like Solid Gold, Justify, and Overdrive and some new bucks like MileStone and History Maker! Youll get an inside look at one of the most advanced deer farms in Central, Texas.

  • Money Talks at Prime Acres Whitetails

    Episode 6

    It's our visit to this east Texas deer farm owned by Brad Hassig. Prime Acres Whitetails is relatively new to the deer farming industry but has come on the scene with what many people are saying is the biggest yearling buck that has ever lived. His name is Money Talks and you simply will not beli...

  • Leading the Way with Exotics AND Whitetails

    Episode 7

    Today we visit Mossy Rock Whitetails and Exotics. This show is different because we feature both incredible whitetail deer farming as well as an extremely successful breeding operation for exotic animals like kudu, gemsbok, impala and more. Then we jump over to whitetails where we have never even...

  • High Flying Whitetails - Lone Hollow Whitetails South

    Episode 8

    Today we introduce you to an airline pilot who, when hes not flying internationally, hes on his deer farm growing some monster bucks. Well showcase some of his incredible bucks like Flying Tiger, Pan Am, Visa and more. With over a thousand deer, its a massive operation that successfully cranks ou...

  • Multi Million Dollar Buck at Blackjack Whitetails

    Episode 9

    Keith heads down to Blackjack Whitetails and films the hottest buck in the deer industry, Blackjack. We doubt there has ever been a buck on the planet that has what this buck has. Spread, tine length, mass, frame and pedigree are all over the top and his look is incredible. Find out why a buck li...

  • Giant Fallow Deer and more at Keeper Ranch

    Episode 10

    Today were at Keeper Ranch located in central Texas. Bryant Kern, manager of the deer breeding facility shows Keith how they are establishing themselves as not just leaders in the whitetail world but also in the fallow deer industry. Youll see where the largest fallow buck on the planet came from...

  • The Dream is Alive at Limitless Genetics

    Episode 11

    Today Keith is visiting Limitless Genetics in Texas. This deer farm is owned by Jesse and Mia Boger who happen to be about the youngest deer farmers in the deer industry. So how do young deer farmers get noticed? They grow some of the industrys biggest bucks. Youll see incredible bucks like Dynam...

  • 300 Pound Texas Buck - Lone Wolf Whitetails

    Episode 12

    On this episode we will introduce you to a one of a kind deer farmer Chuck Frazier. This man is in a league of his own when it comes to growing not just some of the biggest antlered deer in the Lone Star State, but also the heaviest body buck weve ever seen in Texas. Just outside of small central...

  • Spoiled Rotten at G2 Ranch

    Episode 13

    Today, we are down in south Texas at the world-famous G2 Ranch. Starting out with a world-class whitetail breeding operation we filmed some industry giants. Then its off to hunt some exotics as well as a dove hunt that rivals Argentina itself! You don't want to miss this exciting episode!