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For the past 20 years, biologists and hunters have debated the merits of whitetail scraping behavior when it comes to formulating hunting strategies. Although few argue about why white-tailed bucks make scrapes, many biologists have concluded the whitetail's scrape-making process is predominantly a nighttime behavior and, therefore, not to be taken seriously when formulating hunting tactics. Truth be known, when many of the major scrape research projects are looked at closely, you'll find the daytime human activity was moderate to heavy in the research area. The bottom line? When the amount of daytime human activity is significant, whitetails become nocturnal and move only under the cover of darkness. The key for hunting any whitetail sign be it scrapes, rubs, or food sources is to make sure there is ample daytime movement in the deer population. If there is, great hunting opportunities will exist.

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  • How to Explain Non-Typical Sheds - Part 1

    Episode 99

    Tip: How to Explain Non-Typical Sheds - Part 1

  • How to Explain Non-Typical Sheds - Part 2

    Episode 98

    Tip: How to Explain Non-Typical Sheds - Part 2

  • Prepare for Archery Shots From a Blind or Treestand

    Episode 97

    Daniel Schmidt teaches you how to prepare for bow and crossbow shots out of ground blinds and treestands.

  • Attract Wildlife to Your Trail Cam Year Round

    Episode 96

    Mark Kayser talks about how Active Cam Year-Round Scouting Scent can get you more --and better!-- trail cam photos.

  • How to Pick Your Archery Equipment for Whitetail Hunts

    Episode 95

    Daniel Schmidt discusses how heavy of a setup you need for whitetail deer.

  • Michigan Madness

    Episode 1

    Dan Schmidt hunts with Ted Nugent and together they share their thoughts on the current and future state of the hunting community.

  • Fallow to Fabulous

    Episode 2

    Host Daniel Schmidt takes on a piece of fallow ground with the bare minimum required to turn it into a fantastic DIY food plot.

  • Hogs & Hog Hunting

    Episode 3

    Auburn University is leading the way in regards to studying the impacts of feral hogs on other species, particularly whitetail deer.

  • Deer Hunting Myths

    Episode 4

    Shake these 5 bad habits, and youll see more deer, bag more deer and have a lot more fun during hunting season.

  • Antler Asymmetry

    Episode 5

    Antler asymmetry. What causes it ? is it genetic? Will a buck grow out of it?

  • Nutritional Needs

    Episode 6

    A look at how nutrition plays a role in whitetail health, but also how bucks and does live differently on the landscape and why bucks, as a result, grow larger based off of the physiological needs and differences.

  • The Best Shot

    Episode 7

    The best shot for both bow and crossbow hunting all depends on the situation. Dan Schmidt provides expert insights on how to get the most out of your archery equipment when the moment of truth arrives, and is just yards away from your bootstraps.

  • Whitetail Dispersal

    Episode 8

    Deer dispersal is both complex and fascinating. The more you know about this scientific phenomenon among whitetails, the better prepared you will be when it's time to manage the herd. Dan Schmidt provides in-depth insights.

  • On the Ground

    Episode 9

    Mark Kayser let's us in on his tips and tricks for hunting from the ground in Wyoming.

  • Fantasy V Reality

    Episode 10

    This ain't Hollywood! Real-world hunting is all about perspective, humility and a dose of wide-eyed enthusiasm. Dan Schmidt embraces all three on his hunt for a homegrown 8-pointer.

  • Whitetail Predation

    Episode 11

    How many of your fawns are being eaten by bears, bobcats, wolves and coyotes? Dan Schmidt, Mark Kayser and the deer researchers at Auburn University provide expert insights.

  • Management Overlooks

    Episode 12

    When managing land for deer there are a lot of factors to keep tabs on, this week you'll learn the most common items that land managers tend to overlook.

  • Auburn: Leading the Way

    Episode 13

    Do you love deer enough to ever consider making a career out of studying them? Deer and Deer Hunting heads down South to see how Auburn University possesses one of the most advanced deer research facilities in the country.