Dean Partridge's Canadian Whitetail

Dean Partridge's Canadian Whitetail

6 Seasons

Dean Partridge's Canadian Whitetail is Canada's only free range trophy whitetail program. Canadian Whitetail is hosted by Dean Partridge, along with a crew second to none when it comes to big whitetails, including well know hunting names like Jason Peterson and Cody Robbins, and many more . Follow the Canadian Whitetail crew in search of Giant Canadian Whitetails from coast to coast, from the prairies to the timber, and all points in between. Dean Partridge's Canadian Whitetail consistently brings the viewers heart pounding over the shoulder giant whitetail action.

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Dean Partridge's Canadian Whitetail
  • Who's on First

    Episode 1

    In a role reversal, host Dean Partridge films cameraman Ricky take his first whitetail of the season. A giant velvet 10-point.

  • Judgement Call

    Episode 2

    Our commitment to passing younger deer is put to the test when a giant 175" 4 year old buck makes an appearance at 20 yards.

  • Detour

    Episode 3

    Jason Peterson's season takes a big right turn, but determination always prevails.

  • An Old Flame

    Episode 4

    Good friend Billy Chester travels to Saskatchewan to hunt a big old whitetail, but his target soon becomes a deer that we thought had been dead for 2 years.

  • Next Generation

    Episode 5

    A look at what hunting really means to Dean Partridge and Jason Peterson. Tradition and family.

  • The Wide 5

    Episode 6

    A story spanning 6 years concludes with the taking of a giant Boone and Crockett Saskatchewan whitetail.

  • Southbound

    Episode 7

    Dean Partridge and Jason Peterson travel south to the bush country of Texas after whitetails.

  • North

    Episode 8

  • Try, Try Again

    Episode 9

    In Northern Alberta with Warren Lagace on his hunt for a big old heavy horned 6 by 6. But like any season that starts much earlier in the year with summer scouting and getting set up.

  • The Big Leagues

    Episode 10

  • Curveball

    Episode 11

  • The Old Man

    Episode 12

  • The 2013 Whitetail Season

    Episode 13