Coyote Country

Coyote Country

15 Episodes

Follow Coyote Country, the winners of The Search Season 2, as they debut their first season which involves hunts from all over Alberta. However, don't let the name Coyote Country fool you as they bring to you a wide diversity of hunts including Bighorn Sheep, Wood Bison, Moose, White-Tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Ring-Necked Pheasants, Lake Sturgeon, and of course last but not least, Coyotes!

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Coyote Country
  • Factors for a Successful Coyote Hunt

    Episode 99

    Tip: Factors that make for a successful coyote hunt.

  • How to Ensure Coyotes to See Your Decoy

    Episode 98

    Tip: How to Ensure Coyotes to See Your Decoy

  • Redemption ram

    Episode 1

  • Field Of Yotes

    Episode 2

    Join Coyote Country team member Leo, as he gets up close and personal with some early season Coyotes.

  • King George

    Episode 3

    Join Coyote Country team member Susan, as she tries to fulfill her quest of harvesting a colour phase bear they've nicknamed, King George.

  • Finned Dinos of the North Sask River

    Episode 4

    Raquelle and Nathan of the Coyote Country crew, get an arm workout while reeling in some lake sturgeon.

  • Coyote Country

    Episode 5

  • Ring Necked Valley

    Episode 6

    The Coyote Country crew heads to Smoky Lake, AB where their friends raise and release their own Ring Necked Pheasants making for a great October upland bird hunt.

  • Alberta Coyotes

    Episode 7

    Coyote Country crew member Leo heads out once again for some furry Alberta coyotes, except this time he will be accompanied by his father Robert who also shares an obsession with coyote hunting.

  • Tatonkas of the North

    Episode 8

    The Coyote Country crew is on a mission to finally get one of their great buffalo hunts on film. This episode follows Leo and good friend Kale Haupt on an adventure in the Northern Alberta bush country for a big tatonka.

  • Prairie Ghosts-Part 1

    Episode 9

    This week the Coyote Country crew heads to southern Alberta to go after some coyotes. In some of Alberta's true coyote country the crew sits in the cold of winter in wait of these prairie predators.

  • Prairie Ghosts- Part 2

    Episode 10

  • Central Parkland Mule Deer

    Episode 11

    Leo and Mitch head out to fill a long awaited mule deer tag in the central parkland of Alberta. With a little luck and whole lot of patience, the team has a hunt to remember.

  • Susan's Archery Bush Buck

    Episode 12

    This week's episode follows team member Susan as she attempts to harvest her first deer ever. She is leaving the gun at home on this hunt and chooses to pursue this bush whitetail with her bow in hand.

  • Northern AB DIY Fly In Moose Hunt

    Episode 13

    This final episode for this season of Coyote Country features Leo and good friend Scott as they pack up and fly North for a DIY moose hunt.