Chasing November

Chasing November

12 Episodes

Chasing November is Midwest Whitetail's high end, cinematic hunting series of action-packed hunting storylines. Follow along as the team recounts incredible encounters, harvests, and experiences from the entire season.

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Chasing November
  • Point Blank Encounter

    Episode 1

    Brandon Whitten tags the Iowa giant Buster at point blank range. Mike Reed begins the pursuit for Chubbs and Dell Kirby harvests the mature Georgia 10 point with his bow.

  • Kentucky CRP Bruiser

    Episode 2

    Josh Honeycutt takes the ancient Kentucky buck in the CRP field, and both Jared Mills and Owen Reigler call at mature bucks.

  • Permission Farm Surprise Buck

    Episode 3

    Grant Noble takes a great buck on a brand-new permission farm, and Mike Reed has another encounter with Chubbs.

  • Two Chances at an Indiana Bruiser

    Episode 4

    Steven Walridge gets 2 chances at sealing the deal in Indiana. Owen encounters Lightswitch, and Elliot Schellppfeffer kills a giant in Wisconsin. Max Mongrello has 2 incredible encounters on back-to-back hunts. Brandon Whitten tags out over a decoy and Mike encounters Chubbs again.

  • 170 Illinois 8 Point

    Episode 5

    Justin Kamps takes the 160 8 pointer Buster Douglas on an all-day sit. Owen goes back after Lightswitch, and Mike has a 3-hour encounter with 6.5 year-old Big Mac. Mike Reed encounters several great bucks including his number one target, Chubbs. Elizabeth takes her first deer with a bow, and Kale...

  • Closing The Story Of Chubbs

    Episode 6

    Jared, Owen, Max, and Mike all encounter rut crazed bucks. Ty Kehoe gets a chance at an Iowa monster, and Aidan Epperson decoys the buck they call Driftwood past a combine. Max gets a glimpse of an ancient buck he calls Grandpa. Zach Larson sees the biggest deer of his life, and Mike finally gets...

  • Owens Widest Buck

    Episode 7

    Avery Epperson kills a Missouri stud in the hardwoods. Mike Reed encounters a bright up and comer and Owen Reigler takes his widest buck ever.

  • Monster Iowa 10 Point

    Episode 8

    Jared continuously encounters his new target Diablo after finding his core area. Mike takes down the River Farm giant Dak, and Max has his second encounter with Grandpa. Zach Larson harvests the buck of a lifetime, a giant framed Iowa 10 point. Nolan Redeker self-films an epic Kansas bowhunt, and...

  • Tennessee Stud

    Episode 9

    Jared has yet another encounter with Diablo where only a few seconds separates a shot. Forrest Binkley takes a stud in Tennessee, and Jared and Max team up to harvest a few does. Forrest Binkley tags his second buck of the season in Tennessee. Jared watches a big buck attack a wounded younger dee...

  • 194 Illinois Giant

    Episode 10

    Chris Dussold takes Droppy, a 194 Illinois droptine monster than he has be chasing for several years. Disabled veteran Chad Almy experiences the wonders of Iowa and takes his biggest buck ever. Owen completes the hat trick tagging Tweezers, his 3rd buck of the season. Jared has the years first en...

  • The Legend of Marino Ends

    Episode 11

    Jared comes to full draw on Marino at last light. Kaleb Greiner tags his first buck of the season, and Bella Reed encounters Patient X. Bella encounters Patient X for the second time, nearly sealing the deal. Jared has his best hunt ever on the River Farm, and Mike takes down the legend Marino.

  • Giant 8 Point

    Episode 12

    Justin Luebrecht tags a late season stud in Missouri with his bow. Tye Kehoe takes an Iowa monster, and Bella Reed closes the chapter of Patient X. Rye Ludwig takes his first Iowa buck, a giant bodied 8-pointer. Max Mongrello finally tags a great deer on the last day of season.