Chad Hoover Fishing

Chad Hoover Fishing

3 Seasons

Starring funny-man Chad Hoover, Chad Hoover Fishing is an engaging and entertaining fishing show jam packed with thrilling kayak fishing action and valuable fishing tips. The Telly Award winning TV series is designed to excite and educate viewers—whether or not they have ever considered fishing from a kayak.

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Chad Hoover Fishing
  • Kayak Fishing North Alabama

    Episode 1

    Chad Hoover teams up with southern paddlers Dan and Dave Truitt, as well as Mark Drury, owner of Rogue Fishing company, in a North Alabama hunt for giant largemouth bass.

  • Kayak Fishing Lake Guntersville

    Episode 2

    Chad Hoover continues his North Alabama hunt for giant largemouth bass with his good buddy, Gene "The Flukemaster" Jensen at Guntersville Lake.

  • Kayak Fishing Lake Wheeler

    Episode 3

    Chad Hoover continues his hunt for giant bass in North Alabama and teams up with Gene "the Flukemaster" Jensen, a former pro wrestler, and a guy wearing the same shirt as he is.

  • Kayak Fishing North Alabama Rivers

    Episode 4

    Chad Hoover gets a lesson from a local guide and tries out the brand new Bonafide RVR 119 river kayak on his ongoing quest for giant bass in North Alabama.