CCFR's Canada Down Range

CCFR's Canada Down Range

15 Episodes

Canada's first television program dedicated to sport and target shooting.

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CCFR's Canada Down Range
  • Legal Ways to Store Non-Restricted Firearms in Canada

    Episode 99

    Rod Giltaca of CCFR goes over the four legal ways to store your non-restricted firearms in Canada

  • Myth Buster: Handguns in Movies VS Real Life

    Episode 98

    Rod Giltaca of the CCFR explains the difference between single action and double action handguns.

  • Manitoba Sporting Clay

    Episode 1

    CCFR's Canada Down Range - Season: 1 - Episode: 1 - Travel to Manitoba to discover what it takes to plan and build a competitive Sporting Clays course, and learn about a trade show and range day in Ontario that offers something for every type of shooter.

  • B.C. 3 Gun

    Episode 2

    CCFR's Canada Down Range - Season: 1 - Episode: 2 - In this episode you'll learn about the sport of 3 Gun in B.C. and attend a hands on learning event in Alberta that specifically targets women who are new to shooting.

  • Giving Back and Taking Aim

    Episode 3

    CCFR's Canada Down Range - Season: 1 - Episode: 3 - Canada's only television series dedicated to sport shooting enthusiasts. On this episode visit the 'Got Your 6' charity shoot event in Alberta and a Ladies Range Day in Ontario.

  • Sights Set on Winning

    Episode 4

    CCFR's Canada Down Range - Season: 1 - Episode: 4 - Canada's only television series dedicated to sport shooting enthusiasts. Get a close up look at Alberta's Benchrest Shooting Championship and see what it takes to win a steel challenge match.

  • Making a Marksman - Part 2

    Episode 5

    Explaining restrictions and classifications of firearms in Canada, and showing you how 'Project Mapleseed' is teaching fundamental marksmanship skills across our country.

  • Adventures in British Columbia

    Episode 6

    Travel to Chilliwack for the BCRA Provincial Service Conditions Championship and get an exclusive tour inside world-renowned firearm manufacturer Modular Driven Technologies.

  • A League for All

    Episode 7

    Attend a precision rifle series event in Taber, Alberta and learn about the making of a marksman in part one of a two-part feature on Project Mapleseed.

  • Pursuing Precision

    Episode 8

    Host Rod Giltaca attends the BCRA Precision Rifle Championship in Chilliwack B.C. and then experiences a day in the life at Surrey's renowned International Shooting Supplies.

  • Made in Manitoba

    Episode 9

    Witness exciting shooting action at the IPSC Canada National Championship match near Winnipeg. Plus drop in on another local area club where sporting clays are their passion.

  • Targets Up

    Episode 11

    The CCFR's Rod Giltaca visits a custom firearms & ammunition dealer and reveals the lost art of wildcatting PLUS watch competitors take aim at a myriad of challenges before they can become a BCRA precision rifle champion.

  • Giving Back & Going Hard

    Episode 10

    Learn how the annual Got Your 6 Charity Shoot is raising awareness of PTSD and attend a 3-Gun Match a see why it continues to grow in popularity.

  • Saddle Up

    Episode 12

    Attend two amazingly popular shooting related trades shows, a barrel makers factory tour. Plus learn about the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

  • The Whole Shooting Match

    Episode 13

    Revisit the best stories of the past season featuring the incredible Canadians growing the popularity of their shooting sports across the country.