Canadian Rockies Series

Canadian Rockies Series

13 Episodes

Canadian Rockies Series, is a collection of stories sharing the history, culture and traditions of Alberta's eastern slopes. This 13-part series has been 13-years in the making.

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Canadian Rockies Series
  • Wildie

    Episode 2

    Wildie is a story of two young Indigenous women from Grande Cache, Alberta who have a dream of riding a wild horse.

  • Long Road Home

    Episode 1

    Long Road Home is a story of a 200 kilometer, 12-day horseback expedition through the Canadian Rockies featuring the return of mountain Mtis descendants, whose forefathers were forced out of Canada's Jasper National Park in 1909.

  • Women of Willmore Wilderness

    Episode 3

    Women of Willmore Wilderness shares the story of riding the Rockies through time, revealing the experiences of mountain women past and present.

  • Mountain Mustang

    Episode 5

    Mountain Mustang shares the story of master horseman Larry Nelles as he teaches horsemanship through feel, sensitivity, kindness, patience, and a soft manner. Larry teaches three young horsemen how to communicate with their colts.

  • Mountain Men

    Episode 6

    Share in the adventures of mountain men who couldn't see spending their lives penned up; having devoted their efforts to being free spirits. They strive to be independent souls, travelling the old pack trails in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Ancestors Calling

    Episode 4

    Ancestors Calling shares the rich mountain Mtis culture, traditions and history through music and stories of award-winning musician Laura Vinson; a descendant of the early voyageur Louis Loyer and Louis Karakuntie.

  • Spirit of the Rockies

    Episode 8

    Spirit of the Rockies shares the saga of an 86-year-old Iroquois-Cree Elder who has one last desire. Tom Wanyandie travels 200-kilometers on horseback to restore his grandfather's grave deep in Willmore Wilderness Park, in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Ghosts on the Jackpine River

    Episode 9

    Ghosts on the Jackpine River shares the story of a family and their three dogs as they venture on a packhorse expedition, exploring the rich history of some of the most remote regions in Willmore Wilderness Park.

  • Trials & Tribulations of Old Trailmen

    Episode 7

    Recovering from a stroke, an 81-year-old mountain man wonders if he'll ever get back to the places he's loved his entire life-or if he'd ever even walk again. Despite the odds, he overcomes adversity. In riding horses, he borrows freedom.

  • Through the Mists of Time

    Episode 10

    Join Bazil Leonard as he discovers archaeological digs, dinosaur trackways, native graves and an untold story of the biggest manhunt in the annals of the Northwest Mounted Polices' history, revealing the history of Alberta's eastern slopes

  • The Forgotten Ones

    Episode 12

    The story shares how the old-time mountain men mentor young people who want to learn the skill sets of their grandfathers-the voyageurs of yesteryear. The Forgotten Ones weaves together present day and historic footage.

  • Roots That Go Deep

    Episode 11

    Roots that Go Deep shares the story of a family as they face the challenges of starting four young wild mares, passing the traditions on to a younger generation as they travel the trails in Willmore Wilderness Park.

  • Pieces of the Sky

    Episode 13

    Pieces of the Sky details how producer and director Susan Feddema-Leonard managed, against all odds, to produce the 13-part one-hour Canadian Rockies Series. She had a dream that seemed impossible to achieve, yet never quit.