Canada Hunts

Canada Hunts

4 Seasons

In 2015, Wild TV put out a casting call to find new hunting talent from across Canada. We were looking for individuals who showed the enthusiasm, skill, talent, and potential to be hosts of an all-new hunting television series. After the coast-to-coast search, we were excited to find new hunters who were ready to show off their hunts and hometowns. Canada Hunts is hunting at its most real, with all the trials, tribulations, and challenges that come with it. Whether young and old, veteran or inexperienced, hunters of any kind will find themselves on the edge of their seats following the journeys of these extraordinary Canadians.

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Canada Hunts
  • Tips & Tricks: How To Set a Coyote Trap

    Episode 99

    Tips & Tricks: How to set a coyote trap

  • TKO Outdoors - Battle of the Sexes

    Episode 1

    Trent Gofers brings his wife Kathi off fishing with Coastal Springs Floating Lodge at Knight Inlet, British Columbia. It's a battle between the two who gets the biggest catch!

  • TKO Outdoors - Good Times in Dawson

    Episode 2

    Trent heads up north to Dawson, BC in an attempt to harvest an elk but a different opportunity come his way when a nice big muley shows up on the scene.

  • TKO Outdoors - The Guide Life

    Episode 3

    This moose hunt in Prince George, BC with Whitesails Outfitters is a hunt of a lifetime that Trent will never forget.

  • Hunting Confessions: King of the Woods

    Episode 4

    Nothing drives Paige Galea more than chasing wild game with her bow. This year, Paige was able to chase after her dream buck and it's an achievement she will remember forever.

  • 45 Degrees North - Newfoundland Moose Redemption

    Episode 5

    Shane Harte believes that hard work pays off. He is optimistic for his moose hunt up in Newfoundland with Mark Woodman of Woodman's Outfitters.

  • Down East Expedition: Margaree Eiders

    Episode 6

    Bryan Oram hits the sea for a duck hunting with Margaree Outfitters. Come and experience a duck hunt like no other, from scooter ducks to turrs, Newfoundland has plenty to offer.

  • Dirty Boots Outdoorz - 2 Brothers, 2 Turkeys Down

    Episode 8

    Bob and his brother Dan head out on opening day for turkey in Ontario, and end up with a doubleheader! Then Bob and Jaime head out with the kids for a fun, and educational spring turkey hunt.

  • Dirty Boots Outdoorz - Mudder's Day

    Episode 9

    Bob and Jaime take the kids on a spring turkey hunt. Later they take their Moms on their first turkey hunt in the bush on Mothers Day.

  • Dirty Boots Outdoorz - Huntin Geese

    Episode 10

    Bob and Jaime and their son Owen enjoy goose hunting with family friends, the Nichols family. They invite the Nichols to join them on a goose hunt in southern Ontario with Light Em Up Outfitting.

  • Dirty Boots Outdoorz - Cant Keep a Deer Hunter Down

    Episode 11

    Bob starts deer season with pneumonia and misses opening day for the first time ever. Bob pushes forward to deer hunt and harvests a buck for the freezer while having a fun hunt with his brother.

  • Fur and Feathers

    Episode 7

    Shane Harte meets up with his buddy Ryan D'eon. Ryan is not an average 12 year old boy, his experience and love for hunting is very impressive. Ryan will teach us about coyote trap lines, then together they'll hunt sea ducks.

  • Florida Hog Wild - Part 1

    Episode 13

    Bryan Oram flies down to Florida to hunt wild hogs with Okeechobee Outfitters. He is joined by Shane Harte from 45 degree North and it's a trip of a lifetime.

  • Florida Hog Wild - Part 2

    Episode 14

    Bryan Oram flies down to Florida to hunt wild hogs with Okeechobee Outfitters. He is joined by Shane Harte from 45 degree North and it's a trip of a lifetime.

  • Shane Harte's Newfoundland Moose

    Shane Harte's hard work pays off in this excitinig Newfoundland moose hunt! To watch the full episode, click here: