Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit

Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit

6 Seasons

In its fifth season, Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit explores Canada’s picturesque prairies while fishing world class Northern pike and Walleye, waterfowling, predator hunting and pursuing some of Canada’s most sought after animals such as elk, moose, whitetail deer and mule deer. But for our professional host Greg Toogood and his accomplished co-hosts Calvin Kohlman and Mike Bourque, it's truly about time spent with loved ones, creating unforgettable memories and sharing experiences with fans all across the country. Tune in each week as our four favourite sportsmen and their adventurous families uncover hidden hunting and fishing treasure-troves throughout Saskatchewan’s awesome landscape.

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Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit
  • All in the Family

    Episode 3

    In this seasons opener, host Greg Toogood invites the new hosts for a family friendly bird hunt. Meet Joel and Burke Schmid and Calvin Kolhman as they join in for their very first prairie bird hunt.

  • Three Generation Bear Hunt

    Episode 1

    For his first hunt ever, host Greg Toogoods son Jacob chooses to take down a massive black bear with his ad and his Grandpa. This isnt just about the thrill of the hunt, though, as the memories of family bonding will last a lifetime.

  • Back to Basics

    Episode 2

    Young bow hunter Joel Schmid follows in his fathers footsteps as Burke shows him his old stomping grounds in the Porcupine Hills in search of elk.

  • Cow Down

    Episode 6

    Calvin Kohlman heads to Northeast Saskatchewan in search of elk looking to fill the freezer.

  • Whitetail, Whitetail, Whitetail!

    Episode 11

    Three generations of Toogoods head out again to hunt whitetail in Saskatchewan. In this action packed hunt, they wont be able to turn their heads without seeing whitetail running by; including the biggest whitetail Greg has ever seen.

  • Open Prairies

    Episode 9

    Theres nowhere to hide when youre on flat ground. Join host Calvin Kolhman as he hunts one of the most elusive animals in the most difficult setting whitetail in the open prairies.

  • Massive Moose

    Episode 10

    Joel Schmid teams up with a family friend on a partnered tag for a rare moose hunt in Alberta. Joel will need to make sure everything is in working order so he doesnt miss this amazing opportunity.

  • Mule Duel

    Episode 5

    Calvin Kohlman finds a dream mule deer near Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. Will he be able to bring it home?

  • Got Elk?

    Episode 4

    Greg Toogoods son Jacob is looking to shoot his first Elk. When they spot a bull from their crows nest, will Jacob be able to keep his cool?

  • Haircut

    Episode 7

    Joel Schmid and his father Burke, spot and stalk in Southeastern Alberta looking for his first archery mule deer.

  • Let it Blow

    Episode 12

    Blustery Southwestern Alberta challenges young hunter Joel Schmid and his father Burke as they search for whitetail.

  • All for One

    Episode 8

    Join host Greg Toogood, his family, and his friends in this action packed mule deer hunt. Who will be the first to take down a deer?

  • Best of Season 1

    Episode 13

    Join us as we take a look back at the best, and most heartwarming, moments from this season of Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit.