British Columbia

British Columbia

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British Columbia
  • Trav's First BC Black Bear

    Travis "The Timberwolf", is in BC on a spot and stalk archery black bear hunt. After looking over a ton of bears this season, he has his heart set on taking his first BC black bear with his bow. Being as stealthy as possible Trav and Cheese are able to sneak into 15 yards of the bear and make a...

  • Backyard Bears: A BC Bear Hunt

    Mitch and Lynn are on a BC bear hunt in Region 8 of Southern BC. The spring black bear rut is on and Lynn has her mind set on a specific big chocolate bear that they have seen on several occasions. They spend a few days learning the area, and her patience is tested when they encounter many differ...

  • Central BC Spring Black Bear Hunt - Part 2

    After a rough night with no shelter or food, the boys continue with their mountain hunt. The bear hunting heats up and Mitch is able to put the smack down on a gorgeous cinnamon bear! As per tradition on every hunt, Mitch cooks up a mountain meal consisting of some bear back strap, tenderloin a...

  • Central BC Spring Black Bear Hunt

    Mitch and the Alpine Carnivore crew head out to Central BC on a black bear hunt they won't soon forget. With bears all around them, they are forced to revert to their primal instincts and survive with no food or shelter in near subzero temperatures.

  • A Feast Fit for a King

    In part 2 of this BC Sitka blacktail deer hunt, Mitch and the crew cook up a feast fit for kings. Trav and Devon team up and make Sitka Taste Buds and Sitka sticks on a beautiful glacial lake. After the feast, the crew heads back up into the mountains and glasses up the buck they have been waitin...

  • Big Bear Down!

    On this week's hunt the Alpine Carnivore crew continue to scale the Monashee Mountains in search of black bear. On day nine of this hunt Mitch finally connects with a big black bear at less than 20 yards. After the kill the boys feast on some stuffed tenderloin cooked on hot rocks while enjoying...

  • Chasing Snow Bears

    Mitch and the Alpine Carnivore crew head deep into avalanche country in South East British Columbia. They climb snow-covered peaks to access old burned mountains in search for a bear on the snow.

  • Lynn's Biggest Bear

    On this hunt we head deep into the Monashee Mountain Range in southern British Columbia. We get held up by avalanches while going into our intended mountain bowl, so we strap on our packs and journey in on foot crossing raging rivers and cascading waterfalls. Lynn kills her biggest bear yet.

  • Whitetail Mania

    Looking back at Kenny's most memorable whitetail hunts.

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Putting the HECS on Big Bruins

    This week the crew put on their HECS, grabs their bows and hit the woods for some exciting one on one, spot and stalk black bear action.

  • Prowling the BC Bush for Spot & Stalk Black Bears

    This week we head to the wilds of British Columbia to spot and stalk black bears with archery gear. There are a lot of bears here and the close-up action is non-stop.

  • Island of the Black Bear

    True Magnum specialist Brandon Evans hunts black bear on Vancouver Island.

  • Cam Clark Bear Hunt

    Jason Acorn, guides the winners of the Cam Clark Bear hunt. Stuart and Lee head to Vancouver Island to hunt Black Bear and Ryan Croswell has a 6 foot Black Bear hunting him.

  • Bellow's Bruin

    Pro-Staff Jason Bellow's heads to the coastal mountains of British Columbia with his wife Sarah. They are targeting huge spring black bears in a classic spot 'n' stalk style of hunting.

  • Trail Breakers - Grizzly Swan Song

    Luke Oke draws a coveted grizzly tag in Northern BC before the controversial ban takes place. Will he be able to triumph on his very last chance at this beautiful animal?

  • Kootenay Sportsman - Skittles

    Dylan Fedorvich brings you along for a unique bear hunt in search of a monster bear he calls Skittles.

  • Kootenay Sportsman - Geno and the 3 Bears

    Watch as Geno Pagliaro teams up with friends to pick out the perfect grizzly bear. In this episode of Kootenay Sportsman, Geno will pass on one too small, will pass on one too fast, but will he be able to find one that is just right?

  • Kootenay Sportsman Spring Bear Part 2

    Join Geno Pagliaro in part 2 of his spring bear hunt in the Kootenays. When in bear country you never know what you will see or what will happen.

  • Trail Breaker - BC Bear

    Meet our first Canada Hunts West host Luke Oke, an electrician from beautiful Terrace B.C. Join him on his first hunt: a do-it-yourself spring bear hunt. Though he faces obstacles along the way, with proper planning, determination, and passion, he still gets the job done!

  • Bear Hunting Safety in the Mountains

    Mitch Beaulieu gives safety tips for traversing mountainous terrain.