Bowzone Live

  • Bowzone Live

    4 seasons

    The first ever, live and unscripted hunting event! Join elite deer hunters in one of North America's most prestigious areas to hunt big trophy deer - the Edmonton Bowzone.

  • Bowzone Live Season 4 Promo

    Bowzone Live Season 4 premieres November 16th at 9pm ET on LIVE BROADCAST in Wild TV+!

    Get ready for seven nights of the Edmonton Bowzone in November 2023 as our elite team of bowhunters test their skills as they pursue some of North America’s most elusive and monster-sized whitetails! Will any...

  • Keith McDonald

    After three long days on the hunt Keith McDonald gets his Giant buck. As seen on Day 6 of Bowzone Live, Season 2.

  • Tondeleir Buck

    Gunther Tondeleir ends the day in the Bowzone by taking down a giant 160 inch net typical Whitetail. As seen on Bowzone Live Season 2, Day 3.

  • Kohler Buck

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    Ryan Kohler archery hunts his biggest whitetail in the Edmonton Bowzone. This could be the biggest buck killed on video to date in Alberta!

  • Johnson Buck

    Massive 200-inch Whitetail Johnson Buck as seen on Bowzone Live!

  • Darryl Legge's Giant Non-Typical Whitetail

    Darryl Legge hunts the Bowzone and bags a giant 190-inch non-typical Whitetail. As seen in Bowzone Live, Season 2.