Bone Cold TV

Bone Cold TV

2 Seasons

Bone Cold TV is an outdoor show following the dreams of 3 guys from small towns in Western New York. Not only in their backyards but chasing game and seeking adventure around the world!

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Bone Cold TV
  • Turkey Rally

    Episode 9

    We always cherish turkey season, especially when the turkeys talk and cooperate!

  • Invasive Iguanas

    Episode 10

    We are off to Florida with the FX Airguns to help with the overpopulation of invasive Iguanas in South Florida with JP Outfitters.

  • Velvet Coues Deer and Antelope

    Episode 11

    Early season velvet Coues deer hunt in the mountains of Arizona topped off with a trip to Colorado antelope camp with Jim and Jeff from Cirrus Outdoors.

  • Hogs and Plains Bison

    Episode 12

    A trip to North Carolina with the FX Airguns for wild hog, followed by a bitter cold archery hunt in South Dakota for plains bison.

  • Into the Outback - Part 1

    Episode 1

    The Bone Cold crew kick off their season chasing water buffalo with archery equipment in the outback of Australia. Part 1 of 2.

  • Into the Outback - Part 2

    Episode 2

    The Bone Cold crew finishes their amazing adventure in the outback of Australia.

  • Land of the Giants: Alberta

    Episode 3

    Bone Cold's Chad Faulkner travels to the land of the giants for the elusive woods bison with his Athens Archery Bow and finds himself in the right place at the right time for a bonus bull elk.

  • Hunt of a Lifetime

    Episode 4

    Shaun and Brandon take a trip of a lifetime to an amazing destination in British Columbia, where an unforgettable mountain goat hunt unfolds.

  • South Texas Slam

    Episode 5

    The guys are in South Texas with good friend Mike Jones hunting whitetails, javelina, and hogs.

  • Sonora Mule Deer with Outdoors for Our Heroes

    Episode 6

    We join Outdoors for Our Heroes on an amazing hunt filled with desert mule deer and predator hunting.

  • Desert Bighorn in Mexico

    Episode 7

    An amazing hunt of a lifetime chasing desert bighorn sheep in Mexico.

  • Youth Turkey Rally

    Episode 8

    A weekend packed full of turkey action with the future of hunting. Congratulations to all of our youth hunters!

  • Chad's Alberta Elk

    American, Chad Faulkner, of Bone Cold TV travels to Alberta and finds himself in the right place at the right time to get a shot on a beautiful bull elk.

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