Blaine's Real World

Blaine's Real World

12 Episodes

Blaine’s Real World is culmination of 20 years of being on TV and hosting more than 20 outdoor TV shows. Blaine knows the viewer is much smarter than they used to be 20 years ago. So, he is taking you behind the scenes and showing you the “Real World” of hunting, and outdoor television.
Tune in each week and be entertained as Blaine makes fun of the industry he loves so much and brings the real reality of not only hunting, but being a conservationist.

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Blaine's Real World
  • Gators with a Twist

    Episode 1

    We kick off the show with Blaines opinion on people critiquing other peoples deer on social media. Then we head off to Florida where Blaine finds almost 10,000 new acres to look for gators.

  • Pork, Its Whats for Supper

    Episode 2

    Blaine is still in Florida and is looking to add pork to the menu. We also go behind the scenes on a different show and show you the hunt, then how it REALLY went down.

  • Hogzilla

    Episode 3

    Join Blaine down in Florida, he chases down HOGZILLA on a side by side.

  • Stones

    Episode 4

    Blaine heads to Texas in search of a real South Texas buck. During the trip he deals with kidney stones.

  • Brownie

    Episode 5

    Blaine finishes up his trip to Texas, then heads off to one of his favorite places, New Brunswick, to find a bear called Brownie!

  • Superman

    Episode 6

    Blaine is still in New Brunswick looking for a Booner bear with his bow. Does he get too picky or will he leave with some bear steaks?

  • One Chip Challenge

    Episode 7

    Blaine heads to the Mid-West to try to find a buck and get some venison in the freezer. While in camp, Bossboy tries the One Chip Challenge.

  • Last Day Suprise

    Episode 8

    Blaine is in the Midwest on his final day trying to get a big buck. He then heads to Florida for a Seminole buck.

  • Florida Slam

    Episode 9

    After Blaine gets his hog on the ground in Florida, he goes after the Florida slam in just 5 days, chasing both Seminole whitetail and alligator.

  • Why Even Leave the South?

    Episode 10

    Blaine finishes up his Florida slam, then heads west to Texas to spend a couple weeks at a couple different outfitters looking for big bucks.

  • South Texas Brutes

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 1 of Blaine's Real World.

    Blaine is in Texas and finds a new outfitter. Now its time to see if he can find a mature South Texas monster.

  • Fourteen

    Episode 12

    This episode is from Season 1 of Blaine's Real World.

    After a horrible hunt in the Hill Country, Blaine spends his last day in South Texas looking for a unicorn 14-point buck.