Bikes, BBQ & Brews

Bikes, BBQ & Brews

2 Seasons

Introducing "Bikes, BBQ, & Brews" - a thrilling series that brings together the best of biking, mouthwatering recipes, and top-notch BBQ gear! Get ready for an action-packed show that will leave you hungry for more.

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Bikes, BBQ & Brews
  • Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

    Episode 1

    Join Jess and Big Joe of Motley Que on location at Harley Davidson of Edmonton where they put the Drumbo Smoker to the test with some sweet and spicy chicken wings.

  • Smoked Brie with Kahlua BBQ Sauce Glaze

    Episode 2

    Jess and Big Joe of Motley Que smoke up a Kahlua and barbeque sauce glazed brie on the Drumbo Smoker.

  • Reverse Seared Pork Steaks

    Episode 3

    Jess and Big Joe of Motley Que use the Drumbo Smoker to cook up Reverse Seared Pork Steaks, seasoned with Honey Habanero Fixx and finished with Grapefruit Jalapeno Barbeque Sauce.

  • Creole Seasoned Pickerel

    Episode 4

    Jess and Big Joe of Motley Cue smoke up some Creole seasoned pickerel.