Big Buck Television

Big Buck Television

5 Episodes

Join Rob Manley of Big Buck Magazine, along with Ryan Kohler of Wild TV and other special guests as we travel the country catching up to some of the biggest and baddest bucks that ever laid a track in the dirt.

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Big Buck Television
  • Jeremy's Monster

    Episode 10

    Rob Manley talks with Jeremy Schroh about his incredible 252 inch monster whitetail.

  • Jim's Journey

    Episode 2

    Big Buck Magazine visits Jim Hole and his 199 inch typical monster whitetail.

  • Wall of Bucks

    Episode 3

    Ryan Kohler sits down with Gunther Tondeleir of Wizard Lake Outfitting to discuss the amazing wall of bucks.

  • The Incredible Hulk

    Episode 4

    Rob Manley talks with longtime writer Jeff Schlachter and fortunate hunter Curtis Narfeson about the legendary buck known as The Incredible Hulk!

  • Pile of Bones

    Episode 5

    Host Rob Manley visits with two seasoned shed hunters Bentley Coben and Garry Donald along with an incredible collection of antlers.