Bear Whisperer

Bear Whisperer

4 Seasons

This series follows one of outdoor televisions authorities on bears, Blaine Anthony. Blaine will travel North America to visit bear hot spots and meet with other whisperers. Viewers will discover that bears are not the cute cuddly animals currently portrayed on big network television, but they are in fact dangerous and the ultimate predator. This show features everything from entering bear dens in the winter, trapping, different forms of hunting, to getting actual bear attacks on film.

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Bear Whisperer
  • Wind Direction and Bear Hunting

    Episode 99

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, explains how positioning yourself in accordance to the wind can increase your bear hunting success.

  • Don't Put Yourself In This Situation While Bear Hunting

    Episode 98

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, shares advice on how to avoid bear attacks.

  • A Bear Can Sense This Like a Dog Can Sense Fear

    Episode 97

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, talks about how your "ju-ju" can mess up your bear hunt.

  • This Sign Tells You Your Bear Bait Is Getting a Lot of Bears

    Episode 96

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, shows you examples of hay piles at the bait site and what they indicate about that particular bait.

  • This Is a Myth About Bear Bait

    Episode 95

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, exposes a myth about what types of bait bears will eat.

  • This Is What Will Happen If You Over-Bait Bears

    Episode 94

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, explains how over-baiting bears will work against you.

  • Bait Consistency

    Episode 93

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, explains how switching the type of bait at the same site can work against you.

  • What To Do If Bears Are Habituated To Your Stand

    Episode 92

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, gives tips on dealing with bears who know to check the stand for a hunter before coming to the bait.

  • The 'No Trespassing' Signs Bears Leave in the Woods

    Episode 91

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, shows you the marks big bears leave in the woods.

  • Got-Cha

    Episode 1

    In the season kick off, Blaine heads out to do some trapping with the Maine bear crew, Learn the best trap techniques from Randy Cross who has trapped over 3000 bears in his career. A tranquillized bear wakes up during Blaine's commentary.

  • Wake Up Already!

    Episode 2

    Part 2 of Blaine trapping bears with the Maine Bear Crew. The conclusion of a bear that wakes up Blaine is doing commentary behind the bear and we get to see the not so friendly bears that want to take a bite out of the biologists.

  • Deadly Gear

    Episode 3

    Blaine shows never before seen footage. He also foes over the best gear and products for all the things bear.

  • Allbowed up in Alaska

    Episode 4

    Executives from Mathews and Quality Archery Design head to Blaine favorite spot on Earth, Alaska. Spot and Stalk bowhunting for Bears.

  • Operation Booner

    Episode 5

    We finish up with Kevin Fry hot on the trail for a giant Black Bear! Then Blaine is on a mission for an Alaska Booner, spot and stalk.

  • Head First into the Bear dens

    Episode 7

    Blaine finishes up baiting tips and techniques. Then he heads up to the snow covered forests of Northern Maine to visit bear dens with the Maine Bear Crew.

  • Denz 2

    Episode 8

    Blaine finishes his Northern Maine with the Bear Crew entering bear dens all for conservation efforts.

  • Oh It's gunna be RAW

    Episode 9

    Blaine kicks off the series premire of Raw. He goes over what the show is all about and how he is going to show it all to you, only in a way he can. This new show is funny, entertaining, unfiltered, contraversal, this show is Raw!

  • Hunting Revolution

    Episode 10

    Blaine finishes his bucket list hunt. Then he has advice for inspiring outdoor TV show looking to get into the TV business.

  • Mid-West Jinx

    Episode 11

    Blaine heads to Ohio for giant bucks to see if he can break his midwest Jinx. He also goes completely crazy during a rant about Facebook drama.

  • How To Start a Hunting Show

    Episode 12

    Blaine gives you an inside look on how shows get to have their own outdoor show. He also starts a bow hunt in Texas when he finds maybe his biggest buck ever.

  • Cribs
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    We will see if Blaine can seal the deal in the biggest buck of his life with his bow. Then we visit him at his home with an unexpected visitor.

  • Successful Baiting tricks

    Episode 6

    Want to increase your success rate on hunting bears over bait? Blaine goes over simple tricks of the trade to increase your chances of harvesting a bear over bait. A few hunts are thrown is as well, including shots from Eric Price.