Ballistic Pursuit

Ballistic Pursuit

7 Episodes

Adventure media. We explore the adventure hunting and share it with our viewers and sponsors. Conservation and kindness make great TV.

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Ballistic Pursuit
  • The Arrival

    Episode 1

    A warm welcome, Joining the pride, Making memories, Something to sing about

  • Stand Your Ground

    Episode 2

    Blessed Indeed!, Survival of the fittest, Something to sing about, A little something for everyone

  • Golden Opportunity

    Episode 3

    In Jim's sights, Beyond these four walls, Fully equipped, Trading one shot for another

  • The Climb

    Episode 4

    Lucid Optics: In focus, Ghosted in South Africa, Stalking, Its All About the Climb

  • Those Who Prey Together

    Episode 5

    Jason's Persistence, Lions & Tigers & Bears, A Real Nuisance, Sweet Taste of Victory

  • The Last Supper

    Episode 6

    A Dream Come True, A Bird's Eye View, The Last Supper, Leaving A Mark: Until We Meet Again

  • Life Cycles - The Pride

    Episode 7

    All in the Family, Memorialized Moments, Keeping It in The Family, Keep Climbing