8 Episodes

Backroads celebrates the outdoor life-style with an emphasis on unique characters all over the world. Backroads originally started in the 90's with host Ron Schara and his sidekick lab, Raven. Today, Ron continues to share these outdoor passions and pursuits on a weekly basis.

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  • Wild Waters

    Episode 1

    Were going to wild water starting with an adventure to Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan, next on to Lake Michigan for king salmon and later an ice fishing extravaganza in famed, Lake of the Woods.

  • East Coast Adventures

    Episode 2

    This episode is from Season 15 of Backroads.

    Today we head to fishing waters on the East Coast in search of famed game fish of the Atlantic, strikers. Next, we roam the lakes of Northern Maine for smallmouth. Later we head to the outer banks of North Carolina in search of yellow fin tuna and str...

  • Ravens Memorial Show

    Episode 3

    Backroads - Season: 15 - Episode: 3 - Today is a show that Ron has never wanted to do, remembering Raven, his three labrador sidekicks and all stars of the show. They never said a word, but they accomplished a legacy.

  • Citizens Conservationists

    Episode 4

    Backroads - S: 15 - E: 4 - We meet a few folks who give back more than they take from the outdoors. Citizen conservationists, such as the leader of Pheasants Forever and a fella named Arnie we call the wood duck man for a good reason and later a hunter who worked to preserve wildlife that we dont...

  • Floatin' & Fishin'

    Episode 5

    Backroads - S: 15 - E: 5 - Ron joins his daughter Laura on Minnesotas Crow Wing River for a fishing contest. Later its on to the Root River and St. Croix River.

  • Turkey Special

    Episode 6

    Backroads - S: 15 - E: 6 - A history lesson about wild turkeys and how the bird was restored in the state of Minnesota.

  • Beyond Borders

    Episode 7

    Backroads - S: 15 - E: 7 - Were headed beyond our borders. First stop, Cabo Mexico, where not all the action is on a sunny beach. Next, its off to Costa Rica to catch tarpon and more. Later were casting for giant largemouth bass in Mexicos El Salto.

  • Kasba Lake

    Episode 8

    Backroads - S: 15 - E: 8 - If you want to catch big lake trout or big northern pike come to Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories.