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Alpine Carnivore

Mitchs First Desert Big Horn


Up Next in Season 3

  • Mitchs First Desert Big Horn - Part 2

    In part 2 of this mountain sheep hunt, the crew lick their wounds after missing a chance at a good ram. Everything happens for a reason as they find themselves on a different string of rams, this time one of them doesn't get so lucky. Afterwards, they find themselves a beautiful dried up river ...

  • Father and Son Hunt

    Once again we find ourselves hunting in the deserts of Mexico, this time we go after some huge cactus mule deer bucks with a very special guest. Mitch brings his dad Danny Beaulieu along for his first mule deer hunt. Mitch finds himself a real dandy buck but what comes from the meat might make y...

  • Buck of a Lifetime

    On last week's hunt, Mitch was fortunate to kill a big mature mule deer buck, now it's Danny turn behind the rifle. While Trav and Danny are on the hunt for another good buck, Mitch and Cheese try their luck at some predator control. Along the way they find themselves face to face with a few ja...