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Alpine Carnivore

Alberta Backcountry Hunt - Part 2


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  • Horseback Elk Hunting in the High Cou...

    This week, Mitch takes his wife Lynn elk hunting in the high country of Alberta. This horseback elk hunting trip takes place high up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The mountains are slick, the weather is poor, and the bulls are scarce, but they get a bull on the ground on the last day o...

  • Newfoundland Woodland Caribou

    This week, Mitch and Cheeze leave British Columbia, and bring you hunting in Newfoundland for woodland caribou and eastern moose. The weather is wet and windy, the caribou are plentiful, and the hunting grounds are barren and isolated deep in the interior of the island.

  • In Search of the Grey Ghost - Part 1

    This week, we leave the mountains of BC and head south on a desert whitetail deer hunt. The Coues deer is considered a grey ghost in these parts. Watch as Mitch and Tom spend 5 days camping in the mountains of the Sonora and witness non-stop Coues deer rutting action.