Alpine Carnivore

Alpine Carnivore

2 Seasons

Alpine Carnivore is a backcountry hunting series that will take you to some of the most remote and breathtaking corners of Canada. Based in BC, this team is not intimidated by hard work and heading into the unknown. Join Mitch and the crew as they search every peak, valley, and treeline in search of wild game to fill the freezer.

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Alpine Carnivore
  • Moose hunting the Rut - Part 1

    Episode 1

    On this week's hunt, Mitch and Cheeze head up to Northern Alberta to go moose hunting in the peak rut. They see many bulls chasing cows and over the week they pattern the moose to hone in on the bull they are after. This is a moose hunt you wont want to miss!

  • Moose Hunting the Rut - Part 2

    Episode 2

    On this week's hunt, Mitch and Cheeze head up to Northern Alberta to go moose hunting in the peak of the rut. Throughout the week they see many bulls chasing cows, and with hard work and dedication they finally pattern the moose and hone in on the bull they are after. This is a moose hunt you won...

  • Alberta Bighorn Sheep Hunt: We Found the Rams

    Episode 3

    On this week's Alberta Bighorn Sheep hunt, Mitch Beaulieu, and Cheeze Staxx head deep into the Canadian Rocky Mountains in pursuit of the ram of a lifetime. After days of climbing mountains in the harsh unforgiving terrain, they find a group of rams to make a play on.

  • Alberta Bighorn Sheet Hunt: Giant Full Curl Ram

    Episode 4

    In part 2 of this bighorn sheep series, Mitch & Cheeze harvest a GIANT ram, cook up a delicious feast and embark on an arduous 2-day pack out of the mountain range.

  • Cassiar Mountain Hunt: Travs First Goat

    Episode 5

    On Trav's first goat hunt in the Cassiar Mountain Range the Alpine Carnivore team heads into the wilderness of Northern British Columbia in search of mountain goat. The floatplane drops them off on an unnamed lake just south of the Yukon border for a 21-day expedition in the heart of stone sheep,...

  • Cassiar Mountain Hunt: 2 Goats Down

    Episode 6

    In part 2 of this mountain goat hunting trip in the Cassiar Mountain Range the Alpine Carnivore team put two goats on the ground. Mitch, Trav, and Cheeze are in the middle of a pile of goats and the boys harvest two mature billies. They get hit with extreme weather leaving Cheeze without a tent, ...

  • Cassiar Mountain Hunt: Stone Sheep

    Episode 7

    In the final episode of the Cassiar Mountain hunting expedition in northern British Columbia, the crew switches gears from cooking up their mountain goat kill, to mountain caribou and stone sheep hunting. In the final 10 days of this 21-day trip, they encounter grizzly bears, wolverines, mountain...

  • Alberta Backcountry Hunt - Part 1

    Episode 8

    This week, Mitch takes out his buddies Tom and Brady on a week-long backcountry hunt, into the remote wilderness of one of Alberta's wildland provincial parks. It's open season for whitetails, mule deer, and 6-point bull elk and there is no shortage of wildlife on this trip.

  • Alberta Backcountry Hunt - Part 2

    Episode 9

    This week we pick up where we left off, in the Alberta backcountry, hunting whitetail deer and rocky mountain elk. Mitch, Brady and Cheez are on day 4 of their 7-day backpacking trip, and they run into a bunch more elk, some bighorn sheep and finally connect on a nice whitetail buck.

  • Horseback Elk Hunting in the High Country

    Episode 10

    This week, Mitch takes his wife Lynn elk hunting in the high country of Alberta. This horseback elk hunting trip takes place high up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The mountains are slick, the weather is poor, and the bulls are scarce, but they get a bull on the ground on the last day o...

  • Newfoundland Woodland Caribou

    Episode 11

    This week, Mitch and Cheeze leave British Columbia, and bring you hunting in Newfoundland for woodland caribou and eastern moose. The weather is wet and windy, the caribou are plentiful, and the hunting grounds are barren and isolated deep in the interior of the island.

  • In Search of the Grey Ghost - Part 1

    Episode 12

    This week, we leave the mountains of BC and head south on a desert whitetail deer hunt. The Coues deer is considered a grey ghost in these parts. Watch as Mitch and Tom spend 5 days camping in the mountains of the Sonora and witness non-stop Coues deer rutting action.

  • In Search of the Grey Ghost - Part 2

    Episode 13

    In part 2 of this Coues deer hunting trip in Sonora, Mexico, Mitch connects with the buck he is after. Once the hunting is over, he heads back to the ranch to cook a meal using the meat from his coues deer that the ranch staff and guests wont soon forget.

  • Lynn's Biggest Bear

    Episode 14

    On this hunt we head deep into the Monashee Mountain Range in southern British Columbia. We get held up by avalanches while going into our intended mountain bowl, so we strap on our packs and journey in on foot crossing raging rivers and cascading waterfalls. Lynn kills her biggest bear yet.

  • Chasing Snow Bears

    Episode 15

    Mitch and the Alpine Carnivore crew head deep into avalanche country in South East British Columbia. They climb snow-covered peaks to access old burned mountains in search for a bear on the snow.

  • Big Bear Down!

    Episode 16

    On this week's hunt the Alpine Carnivore crew continue to scale the Monashee Mountains in search of black bear. On day nine of this hunt Mitch finally connects with a big black bear at less than 20 yards. After the kill the boys feast on some stuffed tenderloin cooked on hot rocks while enjoying...

  • Big Black Bear, Giant Grizzlies

    Episode 17

    On this black bear finale, we take you high up in the mountains. We run into grizzlies on nearly every turn of the trip, our camp is visited by goats and we see the biggest bear of our lives. On day nine, we finally connect with a great bear and enjoy heart and tenderloin over the fire ending th...

  • Bear Hunting Safety in the Mountains

    Episode 99

    Mitch Beaulieu gives safety tips for traversing mountainous terrain.

  • The Bounty of Haida Gwaii

    Episode 18

    The crew hit the alpine slopes of Queen Charlotte Island/Haida Gwaii in search of some Sitka blacktail deer. All the pre-hunt planning pays off as they find hundreds of deer roaming the mountain sides and connect with 3 nice bucks in the first 3 hours. They also have a very interesting encounte...

  • A Feast Fit for a King

    Episode 19

    In part 2 of this BC Sitka blacktail deer hunt, Mitch and the crew cook up a feast fit for kings. Trav and Devon team up and make Sitka Taste Buds and Sitka sticks on a beautiful glacial lake. After the feast, the crew heads back up into the mountains and glasses up the buck they have been waitin...

  • The Final Buck

    Episode 20

    The boys harvest 1 final Sitka blacktail buck to complete their epic hunt on Haida Gwaii. They build a mountain smokehouse and make some Sitka deer jerky. As they wave goodbye to the blacktail they head out to catch some salmon, halibut, rockfish and crabs to end this trip off and fill their free...

  • BC Mountain Mule Deer Hunt

    Episode 21

    The mule deer rut is on and the Alpine Carnivore crew head out in BC's mountains to look for some mule deer hunting action. During November, a legal buck in this region needs to be 4 points or better on one side to be legal. They set aside the last 10 days of the season in hopes of putting 3 grea...

  • Big Buck Down!

    Episode 22

    We pick up where we left off on day 5 of a 10 day mountain mule deer hunting expedition in BC's mountains. After some long days of seeing mule deer, Mitch and Trav split up to try and locate the chocolate antlered buck they saw earlier in the week. Their decision finally pays off! Mitch and Cheez...

  • Last Day Buck

    Episode 23

    After hunting hard for 10 days "The Timberwolf" Travis gets his chance at putting a last day buck down. After spending 4 days solo hunting, his luck has turned and a legal buck finally steps out on the final hour of the last day of the season.