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  • Whitetail - Part 1

    Learn new tips and tricks from Ryan Kohler on how to hunt whitetail. Part 1 of 2.

  • Whitetail - Part 2

    Learn new tips and tricks from Ryan Kohler on how to hunt whitetail. Part 2 of 2.

  • Hometown Whitetail

    HUSKEMAW OPTICS PRESENTS: Jordan heads east to his hometown to chase whitetail with family & friends.

  • Close-up Adventures in Texas

    This week were headed to Texas for the annual hunt with the winner of the 2016 Hecs Close Up video contest. The winner was Jonah Stout and his unbelievable close-up encounter with a Jake on his decoys.

  • Episode 11

    After a close-call with a target buck, TJ and Kyla head back to the blind again. This time, Kyla makes her opportunity count, and takes her first ever whitetail deer!

  • How To Start a Hunting Show

    Blaine gives you an inside look on how shows get to have their own outdoor show. He also starts a bow hunt in Texas when he finds maybe his biggest buck ever.

  • Episode 8

    Part 3 of our mixed episodes, this time TK tries some traditional Finnish Drives, but ends up in the saddle, and it pays off. The team in PA are still out grinding and have even more close encounters.

  • Episode 6

    Join us for part one of a three-part series, where we follow TK in Finland and the team in PA, with one species in mind, whitetail deer!

  • Episode 4

    TJ & Kyla head to West Virginia with a chance at early-October whitetail and fall turkey. Warm temperatures and crazy hunts wont stop them from making the most of this trip!

  • Below Zero

    Kyle Smith and Joe Sir came up to vist us at our Canadian Whitetail Outfitters inc lodge and chose to take the road less traveled to hunt a pair of above average bucks, with well below average odds.

  • Working for Whitetail

    Trying a little bit of everything, Greg and the family put in the work and time for an opportunity to find their 2021 whitetail deer.

  • One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Bowhunting

    Part 2 of our mixed episodes, this time TK manages to shoot his first ever whitetail buck and the team in PA have some close encounters.

  • His Fathers son

    In the wake of tragedy there are so many unknowns, especially just weeks after a young boy loses his father. Heading to the deer woods with his dad's Excalibur Crossbow Assassin shows us all that young Cole is certainly his father's son.

  • Early Season Whitetail

    This week on The Canadian Tradition Taylor finds himself in the deer woods. Early October archery season affords any hunter the chance to fill their tags before the woods fill up later on.

  • Full Circle

    Its prime time for whitetails and Taylor is joined in camp by good friend Doug Volpel. Its mid-November and theyve got whitetails on the move!

  • Hunting the Prairies

    Many hours have been spent behind the spotting scope searching for that jaw-dropper of a deer.

  • Whitetails & Bears

    This week the Hitmen crew are chasing some big whitetail bucks then we switch of to chasing some bears.

  • Big Buck Down!

    We pick up where we left off on day 5 of a 10 day mountain mule deer hunting expedition in BC's mountains. After some long days of seeing mule deer, Mitch and Trav split up to try and locate the chocolate antlered buck they saw earlier in the week. Their decision finally pays off! Mitch and Cheez...

  • BC Mountain Mule Deer Hunt

    The mule deer rut is on and the Alpine Carnivore crew head out in BC's mountains to look for some mule deer hunting action. During November, a legal buck in this region needs to be 4 points or better on one side to be legal. They set aside the last 10 days of the season in hopes of putting 3 grea...

  • Lady's Deer Camp 2.0

    This week Brittany carries on her Canadian tradition with her annual ladies deer camp adventure. She joins up with her friend Lauren to spend a few days traversing Albertas foothills in search of a whitetail.

  • Giant Bucks and the Women of Deer Farming

    We are heading to a deer breeding operation that has some of the biggest and prettiest deer around, P Bar Whitetails in Bullard, Texas. See why and how this farm is taking the deer industry by storm by focusing on the doe side of the genetics!

  • Deer Diary

    Edge host Steve Ecklund imparts his wisdom to an eager class of potential young hunters and, it's back to the drawing board in his pursuit of a Whitetail buck nicknamed Slim.

  • MVPs of the Deer Industry

    We visit MVP Whitetails outside of Dallas, TX to get an up-close look at the deer industries Most Valuable Pedi-greed deer. Youll see some of the biggest yearling bucks weve ever filmed and they are all sired by MVP Whitetails legendary buck, Major League.

  • Bigger. Faster. Stronger Bucks at Lonehollow Whitetails

    We visit Lonehollow Whitetails just outside of Burnet, Texas where we meet up with ranch manager Grant Garner. This show is different because are not only featuring an incredible deer farm but also were featuring the Tributary Sporting Club! This sportsmans resort stretches across 17,000 thousand...